No Grey Challenge #3

The No Grey Challenge #3 started on April 1st and I pretty much failed the whole first week.  Since then, I think I have done very well.   Aside from not posting enough of my daily outfits, I have been refraining from wearing grey.

Here is a quick roundup of me and my wardrobe over the past couple of weeks:

Black tee, Flying Monkey jeans, Favourite Animal Print Slip Ons and Cargo style jacket from Gap

I think the Gap cargo jacket might have to go.  The proportions just don’t look right on me and the jacket feels a little short. What do you think?


Denim shirt from Aritzia/TNA and my new fav camo pants from Gap Factory.

I saw someone wearing denim and camo and I thought it looked cute.  I think I look a little frumpy in this outfit.  The denim shirt is a boyfriend style and perhaps I could use a more fitted version.

Boyfriend cardigan from Old Navy, soft pink and white striped tee from Joe Fresh, Flying Monkey jeans and good ole Converse.

I felt pretty good the day I wore this outfit.  It was sunny outside, the pink striped tee is new and was easy to wear.

Grey, yes a grey long sleeved animal print shirt by Splendid.

This  grey top that has slipped into my outfit as it was a little chilly out and I just wanted to wear it!    My first week of the challenge had a few fails, but I’ve done no grey since then. That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

The challenge for me officially ended on May 20th – yesterday.  I have put all my long sleeved grey tops and sweaters away for the Spring and Summer months, but I will start wearing my short sleeved grey tops and cardigans now that my challenge is over.  I’m hoping to keep from wearing grey all day every day, so wish me luck (and maybe a few new tops to wear) !

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Where I Went and What I Wore

Hub and I recently returned from a belated honeymoon in Bora Bora. If you’ve been you know that you can’t describe it in words or photos because it’s even better in person. Coming from Seattle, it’s a long way to go for six nights and I do not recommend drinking a bottle of wine before boarding the 8+ hour flight but that’s another story.

Chronic over-packers, we both decided to lay out our suitcases a week before departure and get started in hopes of avoiding our usual night before/morning of frantic routine of tossing things (too many things) in our bags and rushing out the door. What is it they say about best laid plans? So, needless to say we had to make a quick trip to Nordstrom just 7 hours before our plane was leaving and managed to get what we needed (wanted?) and get out…and did I mention my husband took advantage of 1-hour alterations? We crushed it. Before the packing began, however, I bought these cute mesh bags I found at Marshall’s.

These, along with some others I already owned, would be the key to my organization for this trip! Swimwear in one, underwear in another and things like phone and camera chargers went in the smaller ones My sister and I bought cute matching sun hats in Chelan, WA several years ago and though I still like it, the weave lets a lot of sun through and I am actively trying to fight the signs of aging so I  went in search of other options. I found this one at REI  

My head seems to be a little larger than average but this one fit perfectly. I’m also happy to report I wore it almost constantly during the day and my melasma stayed mostly at bay. I was sadly lacking in cute dresses until  my adorable salesperson, Albert, at Nordstrom brought me this one by Maison Scotch. LOVED it and felt good in it. Digging the tropical floral vibe. AND it has pockets.   

Another cute little item I picked up was a jumpsuit that I also found at Nordstrom. Sooo not my usual style but thought it might work for dinner around the resort. I was RIGHT! It worked so well I wore it for two dinners. The price was something like $68 which was outstanding. The brand is Roxy which I usually think of as a teenager or thirty-something-with-a-great-body brand but I’m neither and it worked.  

Finally, I invested in a pair of Tory Burch sandals/flip flops. My beloved Havaianas didn’t quite look right with my new purchases. Love these. Not much to them, in fact nothing in the way of support, but comfy.  

It’s been a month since we returned and I’m really looking for opportunities to wear my vacation clothes.

Would love to know what everyone has picked up for their holiday wardrobes!

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No Grey Challenge #3

I seem to be falling behind in my efforts to post my no grey outfits.  I just don’t know where the past few weeks have gone.  That said, I’ve actually been wearing No Grey!  Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  With the exception of my grey Aritzia Trooper Jacket and my grey Converse, I am happy to report that my tops and bottoms are non-grey.

Here is just a small sampling of what I’ve been wearing:

Orange striped shirt from J Crew Factory. Love this feel good shirt!
New cargo pants from Gap Factory, cream shirt from Aritzia and Stella & Dot necklace
New cargo pants from Gap Factory, cream shirt from Aritzia and Stella & Dot necklace
During week 2, the Canucks were still in the playoffs so I showed my team spirit with this hoodie.

Week 3 coming up soon.  Stayed tuned.

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Top Travel & Packing Tips

top travel tipsMy sister and I have both like to travel.  We grew up doing lots of road trips and have always taken our families travelling by air and car whenever we can.   My sister was also a flight attendant in a past life and has lots of good travel tips and stories.  We both recently had the opportunity to travel to warm destinations.  She went to Tahiti and my family was in Cabo San Lucas.  Since both of these trips are fresh in our minds, we have compiled a list of what we call our top 10 travel and packing tips.

1. Wear socks to go thru airport security. You never know what kind of foot fungi and other gross things are in that terminal.

2. Have something warm to wear on the plane. Layering is key. Think t-shirts and tanks with cardigans, hoodies or sweaters.

3. Put one person in charge of passports, boarding passes, itineraries etc…and get a great case to carry them all in.  It will make it so much easier on the person carrying the important documents.  Also, leave a copy at home with a trusted friend or family member, just in case.

4. Pack snacks for both kids and adults. You don’t always know when your next opportunity to eat will be.  Bring good snacks.  There is nothing like being hungry with poor snack choices.  Need some ideas?  Beef or turkey jerky, pumpkin seeds mixed with cranberries, dried apricots, popcorn, cheese and crackers, pre-wrapped cheese sticks, hummus and chips.

5. If you travel to Tahiti, consider bringing a couple bottles of alcohol so you can mix your own drinks and not pay the outrageous resort prices for cocktails.

6. Find out if you need to make reservations for dinners. Nothing worse than being hungry and finding there is no room for you. Kids and adults do not do well when they are hungry.  Just saying.

7. Bring extra plastic bags in various sizes. Good for wet clothes, collecting items etc…

8. Make sure your carry on does fit under the seat in front of you.  I have this great Lug bag that my friend insisted was the best for travel.  And it is great – it has compartments to hold everything and more, but what it doesn’t do is slide easily under the seat in front of me.  I have to turn it on its side and that is a pain in the you know what when you are trying to get something out.  I’ll put it on craigslist soon and look for a carry on that is more of a duffel style.

9. Bring new toys and books for your kids.  If you are on a long car trip or flight, don’t think you can bring the same toys from home to entertain your kids.  You need something new, flashy and interesting to sustain hours of being trapped in a seat.  Again just saying.   They don’t need an iPad for the whole trip, but a few new shows, educational games and some Angry Birds will definitely help pass the time.

10.  Don’t overpack.  Our old mantra was, “if you can carry it, you can pack it”.   We are both trying to pair down what we pack – especially on a beach vacation.  Check Pinterest for packing ideas.  When you spend most of the day in your bathing suit and cover up, you probably don’t need 4 pairs of shorts, 3 skirts and 5 dresses for a 7 day trip.

11.  Use a portable luggage scale.  With so many airlines instituting 50 lb luggage limits, this handy scale will save you the hassle of shifting luggage, shopping and souvenirs at check in.  They are fairly accurate and have always kept us under the 50 lb limit and the extra fees for our luggage being over the limit.

These easy travel tips work for us every time!  If you know of a great travel tip, please share it with us!

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Say No to Lulu.

Had a great chat with my sister yesterday and, of course, the contents of our closets and how much we dislike said contents came up. My sister makes an effort to get “dressed” every day. Every day. She said she only owns one pair of Lululemon pants and rarely wears them. She’s my hero. Sometimes I’m lazy and throw on workout wear without working out. But when I make the effort and get “dressed” I feel so much cuter and just as comfortable.

Go figure. So, after our chat and after walking the dog in (gasp!) Lululemons I got dressed.

My AG skinny jeans, Stuart Weitzman booties and Paige Denim shirt.

Easy, comfy and no workout needed.

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