To Dress or Not to Dress?

A wise friend once said to me “Three things tell the truth: wine, young children and leggings.”

My sister, the person who introduced me to Lululemon 13 years ago, declared a couple years back that she was going to make an effort to get dressed (meaning no yoga pants) every day and she politely suggested I do the same. I thought she was on to something so I, too, decided that I would put together actual outfits that don’t consist of stretchy fabric and athletic shoes.

I don’t know about you but attempting to be stylish can be exhausting some days.

Do I attempt Stitch Fix again for inspiration or go with tried and true denim? Love these jeans, btw, C of H Emerson Skinny Boyfriend.

Do I throw in my fave camo t-shirt or a cozy sweatshirt?

Something a little dressier?

I LOVE fake layering!

And then there’s which shoes to wear with what. I love flats and sneakers but feel better in even the slightest heel.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that these decisions¬†are high-grade problems and I’m thankful to have them!

Today, however, I couldn’t decide. See photo below… ūüėā. Sorry, sis.

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Guten Tag Munich!

Ok, maybe this isn’t grammatically correct, but you get the point. ¬†Good day Munich! ¬†We got to spend five days in Munich last summer and I thought I’d share some pictures and details on this great travel spot.

When you think of Germany, do you think of beer, pretzels, lederhosen and Birkenstocks?   I do, too!  Those are just some of the great things about this spot, but there are many more things that make it worthwhile to visit.  We flew into the airport around mid-day and took a couple trains to the Marienplatz.  From there, we walked the rest of the way to our hotel.  We got lost, so it took about 30 minutes instead of 15.  My husband speaks German so it was definitely helpful, but a lot of the locals speak some or very good English, so it was easy to understand and communicate throughout our whole stay.



After checking in to our clean, slightly modern and well located hotel, we headed right for the Viktualienmarkt which was less than a block away.  This lovely market has been around since the early 1800s and you will find candles, flowers, beer, sweets, fruit and our personal favourite, schnitzel!  We had a big lunch of schnitzel and beer before we started to wander around.



The next day we took one of the hop on hop off bus tours and saw the city and surrounding area.  We love these tours as it really highlights the popular attractions and usually shows you something you may have not heard of.

This area is great for walking and is super bike friendly. Actually, all of Munich is bike friendly.   We rented bikes and spent one day pedalling through the Englisher Garten (English Garden).  This city garden is one of the largest in Europe and has many paths to walk or cycle, beer gardens, monuments and water features.  There is even a spot to surf on one of the rivers!  From there, we went to the Olympiapark to see where the 1972 Olympics were held.  More beautiful paths, a little lake with paddle boats and some amazing buildings were all there for the viewing.

Munich Olympiapark

We also spent a day at the zoo. ¬†Say what you will about zoos, but this one was pretty good. ¬†It was a 5 km walk to get there from our hotel, but we wanted to see the the city so we ventured on. ¬†I brightly plenty of sweets and treats to keep the kids going and I have to admit, they didn’t complain as much as I thought they would. ¬†Once we got to the zoo, we were not disappointed. ¬†It was very well laid out and had a great amount of animals to see. ¬†Some of the habits looked so natural you might even believe the animals were¬†in the wild.

Welcome to Hellabrunn Zoo


On our last day, we drove to see the¬†Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. ¬†It was only a couple hours by car and it was a beautiful drive to see this part of Germany – so close to the Alps and Austrian border. ¬†This castle was built by King Ludwig II and was¬†the inspiration for the Disney castle. ¬†As we didn’t buy tickets ahead of time, we weren’t able to get inside for the tour. ¬†Instead we took a bus up the hill and were on the grounds of the castle. We¬†¬†were amazed¬†at the detail and the how difficult it must have been to build a castle¬†in this location.

Castle Neuschwanstein

We probably had some of the best meals of our whole trip in Munich. ¬†Our hotel served an amazing German breakfast every day. ¬†We had schnitzel in various beer gardens for lunch ¬†every day and dinner was usually at an Italian restaurant. ¬†The pasta and pizza at dinner was delicious. ¬†I’m not sure if it is because of the proximity to Italy (it’s not that far north of the Italian border), but it was indescribably good! ¬†We love German food!

If you are considering a trip to Germany, make sure to add Munich as a destination.  We found it laid back, family friendly and overall it had a nice vibe for us to enjoy.  Please let me know if you have ever been to Munich and what you thought in the comments.

auf Wiedersehen!

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$10 at Target

Last month, I got an opportunity for a quick stop in at Target.  I had the kids with me, so after they got their time in the toy department, I squeezed in a few minutes in the beauty, health care and the dollar sections.   Spending time in Target is a treat to me and even though I had my two little shadows with me, I managed to find a few things.

Want to see them?


The pom poms were from the dollar section and the plan is to put them on the end of my son’s Santa hat (I’ve got until next year to do this now). ¬† The First Aid to Go kit is now in my car’s console. The Savon soap is patiently waiting on my counter to be used. The small pack of band-aids are in my purse along with the tissues. ¬†All perfectly needed and useful items. ¬†Can you believe that all the items came to just under $10??

They did!


Maybe it is a good thing the kids were with me, as I’m sure I would have spent a lot more!

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5 ÔĽŅBetter for Me & You Body Products¬†

Over the past few years, I’ve being trying to be more conscious about the products I bring in to my home and onto my body. ¬† The fewer chemicals and bad things we inhale, digest and absorb, the better. ¬†Right?

Today I thought I would show you 5 of my favourite eco-friendly body products.

Let’s start with soap. ¬†Everytime you bath, shower or wash your hands, you are putting something on your skin. ¬†So why not use a product that has none of the bad stuff? ¬† Kiss My Face is one of those companies. ¬†It has been around for over 30 years and has a complete range of products for everyone in your family. ¬†I like this soap because it has only 3 ingredients and I can pronounce all of them!


I first heard of Rocky Mountain Soap Company in 2006 when I was visiting Banff, Alberta.  The hotel used this company as their supplier of the bathroom products.  After one use, I was hooked!  I get really dry feet and hands during the winter months and this product is the bomb  balm (get it??).  This Canadian company started in a small town in Alberta because they wanted better products for people and the earth.  Again, they use few ingredients and I can read and pronounce all of them!  This product rolls on, smells great and is not greasy.  It just seems to absorb into the skin.  Read more about them here.


I had purchased the¬†shampoo and body wash from The Honest Company and while I liked all the good things about the what the wash didn’t have, I was underwhelmed with the lack of bubbles and lather. ¬†When I saw this deodorant at Marshall’s,¬†I was excited to try it. ¬†Deodorant¬†and anti-perspirents carry a lot of controversy due to aluminum and other chemical ingredients. ¬†This product has no aluminum and uses essential oils to help neutralize odors. ¬† I was pretty keen¬†to see if this product would keep me fresh and not sticky and sweaty. ¬† I’m pleased to announce that yes so far this product is working for me! ¬†No one around me has complained yet, so I guess that’s a good sign ūüėČ ¬† Check out the full line of products¬†here.



As I mentioned above, I get really¬† extremely dry hands and feet during winter. ¬†I happened across this cream at Costco one day. It was in a two pack for about $23 if I remember correctly. ¬†It is a little hard to squeeze out of the tube (workout anyone?), but once you get it out, you will love it! ¬† There is a lovely vanilla scent and a thick feel to the cream, but it isn’t overpowering and it absorbs so well into my skin. ¬† Cake was founded in 2003 right here in Canada. ¬†See the packaging? ¬†They list the have’s and have not’s right on the front. ¬†Love that! ¬† They have a nice little line up of products and you can find out more at this¬†link.



Lastly, I colour my hair (gasp). While I realize the bleach and other chemicals they use for my colour are not good for me, I’m trying to offset that by using better hair care products. ¬†I came across this brand at the drugstore years ago and thought I would give them a try. I am still using Live Clean to this day. ¬†Another Canadian company that put their products on the shelves back in 2007, they now have a line up that includes hair, face, body, kids and even dogs!


These are just a few of the products I that I feel are better for me.  Why do I like them?   Although each company is different, a few of the reasons are:

  • phthalate free
  • paraben free
  • plant sourced
  • cruelty free
  • eco conscious
  • natural ingredients
  • renewable ingredients
  • toxin free

Please tell me if you are also using some better for you products. ¬†I’d love to hear about them!

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My Fixes Need Fixing!

‘Tis the season for a holiday StitchFix delivery. After wearing the same uninspired outfit to two holiday parties, I scheduled a fix to arrive before Christmas in hopes of having something festive to wear while entertaining and being entertained.

I was pretty specific in the notes to my stylist. A mid-length skirt was on my list as was “festive” tops for evening and a pant that wasn’t jeans or leggings. Good, right?

Well, I also should have said a full skirt. This pencil skirt, while soft and curve-hugging, felt too formal for what I’d had in mind. Must. Be. Specific. The black top had an interesting back but I’m not a fan of 3/4 length sleeves or that slightly above the wrist spot.

I don’t even know what to say about this poncho/cape.¬†

These pants are keepers. My daughter said they looked good on me…for “teacher pants”. Hmm. I think I can fix that with some hemming and edgier shoes or a bootie.¬†

Green. Like my last fix, I really wanted to like this top. Maybe in a different colorbut definitely not this green. I went into my profile and unchecked the box next to green in the color preferences section.

Here is the back of the top I mentioned earlier. 

My sister says I might need a new stylist for my next Fix. Is that like breaking up with someone? Will it hurt her feelings?  Equally as important, will it improve my Fix success rate?


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$10 at Target

Ever since Target left Canada (insert sad face here), I long for our trips south of the border so I can hit up my favourite store.  A few days ago, I got my opportunity.   The Canadian American border crossing is approximately 40 minutes from my house.  The nearest Target is about 60 minutes from my house.  My sister is about three hours from my house.

Being that it’s the holidays and a busy time for both our families, we decided to meet part way for lunch to celebrate and exchange gifts. ¬†It was great to catch up, see my nieces and take a few pictures. ¬†On¬†our drive home, I made the whole family stop at Target to fulfill my need. ¬†My husband had phone calls to make so while he did that, I took the kids around the store – not exactly what I envisioned.

They each felt the need to buy something with their own money, so off to the toy section we went.

Here’s what they¬†had to have:


My daughter loves the Littlest Pet Shop and found this to add to her collection.

My son is still a big Minecraft fan, so he got this:


This package contained a chest. He wasn’t too thrilled with what he got and in the two days since we have been home, it is now lost. ¬†Thus, no photo to show you what was inside.

Funny thing is that both these items came to just around $10.  No lie.



I may have created little Target monsters as they are wondering when can we go back….

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5 Favourite Shows & Songs for the Holidays

I like to share this post every year. ¬†So, here we go…again!

There are a few holiday shows, songs and videos that I love to watch over holidays. So, in no particular order here are my top 5 favourites:

  • The Holiday – what is not to love about this romantic comedy with two great leading ladies.


  • The Year Without a Santa Claus – hello, Snow Miser and Heat Miser? ¬†My kids are now not afraid of Heat Miser and they think it is the funniest song of all time.


  • Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer – thank you to the writers of this song for giving our family a theme song for Christmas. To hear it, click ¬†¬†here
  • Elf – Will Farrell is just hilarious


  • So, this is Christmas by John Lennon – it is just a classic. Enough said.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!