What I wore…early Spring

What I wore…early Spring

The weather here has been amazing.  While the Eastern part of Canada and the US have been suffering under brutal winter conditions, we have had an early Spring.  The cherry blossoms are out and our three local ski hills are closed.  The latter is not a good thing, but maybe a big dump of snow in March will help save a few weeks of a pretty dismal season. That said, with weather that is sunny and almost warm, we have shed our winter coats, sweaters and Uggs.

Here are a few photos of what I have been wearing:

This has been my go to outfit lately; boyfriend jeans, military style jacket (thank you Aritzia), plaid scarf and converse.

miliary jacket, plaid scarf, boyfriend jeans

Next up is my favourite striped shirt from Lululemon (no longer available), those darn comfy boyfriend jeans, my fake faux leather jacket and my favourite animal print shoes (thank you Winners!).

stripes, biker jacket, boyfriend jeans and animal print shoes

Lastly, just a shot of my daughter and I walking to school in our favourite shoes.

animal print, vans

That’s it for this week.  See you next time!

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Hairy Situation

Hairy Situation

So, I’m on vacation with my hub and two daughters last week. We’re sitting in the sun, enjoying lunch when hub of six months suddenly says “Don’t move.” It’s got to be a bee or spider or something equally hideous on my head, I think immediately.

I was right. “You’ve got a hair growing out of your chin,” he says as he leans over and pulls it out. Seriously? Yup, there it was. A longish, thankfully blonde hair between his fingers. Growing out of my chin?

“You’ve got more.” This from my daughters. Thanks to the sun and the angle at which I’m sitting they are able to see the rays bouncing off the hair on my chin. “It’s just peach fuzz,” says husband, seeing the horror displayed on my face.

That was enough for me. Back at the hotel I close the bathroom door, turn up the lights and pull out the tweezers. Peach fuzz, my ass. Well  not on my ass but definitely on my face. I twist and turn and contort my face at all angles and sure enough there are more of these longish hairs poking out the very bottom of my chin. But that’s not all. What no one has spotted is the single DARK hair that has managed to work its way out. WHAT??!! I yanked it out and laid it on my finger. I’m officially growing hairs in weird places. What’s next? Coming out my ears and nose? Isn’t that what happens to old people?

This is my weapon:


Later that day I get in the car solo to hit the grocery store. It’s still sunny so I pull down the visor and flip open the mirror to take a look. Natural light is a blessing and a curse. Stray eyebrow hairs on each side. Not sure how long they’ve been there.

And waaaaaiiiit a minute…Is that something coming out my neck? Ohmygosh. Dark hair, single strand. Growing out my neck. I’m repulsed. Thankfully I keep tweezers in my purse (for emergency purposes). This is an emergency. Seconds later, all hairs visible to me are gone. That neck hair was no joke. Wondered at the time how many people had seen it and not said anything…

Pool lounging the next day and eavesdropping on two women who appear to be my age, though more well-preserved. One  asks the other if she has any random hairs growing around her belly button. My ears perk up. Does she? Laughter ensues and the two joke about stray hairs, where they grow, what their husbands say (did i hear one gal mention her husband pets it like a cat?) and how they take care of them. Dermaplaning, lasers and a couple other treatments I’ve never heard of.

This hair thing is serious. My eldest daughter was blessed (?) with her father’s full, bushy eyebrows. Mannish brows, she calls them. Hates them. We spend time each morning brushing them and occasionally she has let me pluck one or two. I convince  her she will love them when she is older and threaten her life if she ever takes tweezers or scissors to any hairs on her body without professional help. We decide to call in the professionals and get her first eyebrow wax. Best. Decision.

Her new brows are still thick yet not so mannish. The subtle waxing opened her pretty eyes right up and even my self-critical tween likes the results. She’s getting braces this week and we need all the confidence building we can get.

My brows were another story, however. While I seem to be growing new hairs in unwanted places, my brows seem to be thinning. Brow girl at the salon gently mentions neuBrow. Have I heard of it? Really works, she says. Hmph.


Have you heard of it?

Upon further examination, I decide she could be right. Haven’t I been filling them in for while now?

Oh, the sun’s out. I’ve got to get my tweezers and a mirror and do a self-check.

5 Easy Steps to Remove Clutter

5 Easy Steps to Remove Clutter

It’s the time of year whenever has an opinion on how to relieve yourself and your home of clutter. Check out Pinterest, blogs, even Faceook. Someone has an idea (or two or three) on organizing your life and ridding yourself of excess. I’m not alone in my quest to do this.  I have always been a fairly organized person, but since the arrival of my little ones, I never seem to have  make the time to really really organize.  That said, I have more time now since they are both in school and I had a few quick wins in the de-cluttering world that I would like to share with you.

Starting with:

1.  Chopsticks in the kitchen drawer. This picture shows 44 pairs of chopsticks.  They accumulated innocently enough over the years as we ordered in sushi and Chinese take out.  I only counted them this week when I tried to put some spoons into the drawer and realized there were a few too many.  I have kept six pairs (not sure why that amount) and the rest have been bundled up and will be donated.

2.  Hotel samples.  I love the samples of soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.  I always use the soap and lotion, but rarely the hair products.

Then, I saw this great pin:

And I thought to myself, this is what I will do with all my samples. So, I did.

 But during the course of a year, we don’t have many guests and our one regular guest is bald.  So, our samples are collecting dust.  I have packaged them up and will be donating to a local women’s shelter.

3.  Plastic utensils.  

IMG_7753 They come with take out food, or we grab too many extras when we get ice cream.  It doesn’t seem to matter where they come from, they just accumulate.  I cleaned out 30 extra spoons, forks and knives.  I kept 10 so that I could put them in the kids’ lunch kits for when they have soup, yogurt, etc.

4.  Magazines.  My sister probably started me on the love of magazines.  While I tend to usually buy Style at Home, Canadian House & Home and Chatelaine, I have never been known to turn down a complimentary issue of Oprah or Real Simple.  But my magazines were taking over my bedroom and a shelf in the family room.  I even had a few issues in the pile from December 2012! IMG_7824

I have a hard time throwing them out or recycling them, so I gave a few to some friends, dropped some at the doctor’s office and conveniently left some behind at the community centre after a hockey practice.  And then there were none – until next month.

5. T-shirts.  My kids attend bike camp, soccer camp, art camp and participate in charity runs.  And each time they do, they get a t-shirt. IMG_6219 We use some shirts for when we are doing messy crafts or have a particular colour for a theme day at school, but for the most part, we do not wear these shirts.  They are in such great shape since they are only worn for a few days, so I kept 2 for each child and donated the rest.

These were 5 easy ways to get rid of stuff now without a lot of effort. I bet you might find the same things in your home.

Go look and see if you have 44 pairs of chopsticks.  You never know…

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Pinned & Tried

Pinned & Tried

This is the fashion edition of pinned and tried.  It almost shouldn’t be posted, because it was too easy.  When I put this together to go to a movie the other night, my husband commented and said I looked nice.  Nothing wrong with the compliment, but an outfit that was this easy got a compliment and that surprised me.

Here is the pin-spiration:

(original source unavailable)

Here is my version:

pinned and tried

Long sleeved white James Perse top, black Mavi jeggings, brown boots bought at DSW ages ago and necklace made by a local artist.

The main reason this outfit works is because of the brown boots.  I tend to always read for black boots with black pants, but seeing this pin-spiring outfit made me try the brown boots and I’m glad I did.  I don’t own a brown purse, but I might put it on my shopping list as I am getting tired of always using a black one.

Overall, this is another successful pinned and tried fashion edition.

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B is for Bootie

B is for Bootie

I sure do love my booties!   I have always had ankle boots, but over the past couple years, they seem to be calling them booties.  Whatever you call them, I like ‘em!

My sister recently bought this lovely pair, and surprise they are grey:

grey bootie

I was convinced to buy Toms wedge booties after reading rave reviews about them on Pinterest Told Me To.  This blog has the best suggestions for fashion and excellent reviews.  I was not disappointed with these booties at all!

desert grey toms wedge booties

My next pair is your basic black bootie.  Goes anywhere and with anything.  They were purchased last year at Vince Camuto.  So sad that he passed away this week.  He was such a great designer.

IMG_6323 My most recent bootie purchase was a grey (yes, grey) pair with a stacked heel:

desert grey toms wedge bootie

Although they don’t look grey, they are a bit of a dirty grey with a dash of brown around the edges.  Super comfortable, although they have a little bit of flannel inside and my feet tend to get a little toasty while wearing them.

Lastly, my Blundstones. bloodstones with boyfriend jeans

I wrote about them here last year and it is one of our most viewed posts.  Blundstones are a hard wearing boot.  They seem to last forever!  I prefer wearing mine with skinny jeans and pants, but I have also tried them with boyfriend jeans, although I am not convinced it is the right look (for me, anyway).

I have had my eye on this pair by Sam Edelman for months now.  But maybe I have enough booties, or maybe not…

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Simply Said…

Simply Said…

I was playing around with some tools to create graphics and decided to print one of my favourite quotes (or is it a saying?).  When we are goofing around and laughing about something we have said or done, we often use this saying.

This first graphic is from Pinstamatic and it was pretty easy to use.

how you see yourself

This one was made on Pinwords.  This site is ridiculously simple and easy to use.

how you see yourself

And lastly, Quozio helped me create this:

how you see yourself quote

All three of these sites were so easy to use.  Now that I’ve found these sites, I think I’ll post a quote every week just to have some fun.  How do you see me now?