Hello New Fall Clothes

hello fall

Although Fall has been here for a few weeks now, it is just starting to feel like it.  Today it is rainy and cool, but just a few days ago it was warm – really warm.

While out the other day, the temperature gauge in my car showed this:


See that?  21 degrees Celsius or that’s about 70 degrees Farenheit for those of you south of the border.  That’s pretty warm for an October day in our part of the woods.   This nice weather is making it pretty difficult to figure out what to wear.  Not cool enough for boots, but not sandal weather either.  Layering is ok, but nothing heavy – you sure don’t need wool sweaters and vests just yet.

So, speaking of nice weather, I took advantage and headed out to our new outlet mall.  Yes, we have an outdoor mall which opened back in August.  It is out by the airport and is designed to look similar to an European city, or that was the intention.

Here’s was my first view upon walking in from the parking lot:

mc arthur glen outlet mall

Then look up, way up…


Yup, that’s a plane. This outlet mall is situated pretty much right in the flight plan and the runway.  No chance of missing the plane as it is so loud!


There it goes!  I swear you could almost reach up and touch it. It felt so close!

Anyway, after I got over the awe of the spectacular plane overhead, I hit the shops.  The whole mall is not yet complete as many more shops are still set to open.  But from what I saw, I wasn’t disappointed. Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, Under Armour, J. Crew Factory, Nike just to name a few.   I actually went to get some basics for my kids and ended up with a couple of items for myself – yeah!!

You can never have too many plaid shirts, can you?

plaid shirt from Gap in burgundy, grey and white.

Aritizia carries a cardigan that I have loved forever.  It feels like a sweatshirt, is oversized and looks great.  Except on me.  I try it on every time I go to their store, but it just feels like there is too much material and it’s too big.  So, when I tried on this one at the Gap, I was pleasantly surprised that it fit and fit well.

cardigan again in burgundy. great colour for this season.

Since I only had a short time to spare, I grabbed this sweet shirts for my daughter:


Do you see a colour pattern here?  That burgundy or marsala colour is everywhere this Fall.  Well, at least in my wardrobe and my daughter’s.

Just a little update on my shopping adventures lately.  Stay tuned for next week when I finally check out the new Nordstrom!

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Friday’s Fun Finds – Home Edition

Now that the kids are back in school, I have a bit more time to myself.  So, with this time, I have hit a few of the local and not so local stores.  Here’s what I have found on my travels:

fox homesense winners
What does the fox say? He says, “buy me!” This adorable print was at Winners Homesense and I thought it would be so great in a cabin.
A squirrel with antlers ? Again, another cute print at Winners Homesense and if I had a cabin, I would have bought it.
These mostly nautical hooks were in a cute little home store in Whistler. They would be fun in a boy’s room, in a cabin by the lake or in your mudroom.
I should have bought these sticky notes that I found while getting groceries at Superstore.
Fishes, fishes everywhere! Love the colours in this tea towel. Great gift for the fisherman in the family! Should have bought it for my Dad.
Lastly, I saw this magainze at the grocery store checkout and thought it was my last gasp at Summer. Something nice to look at when the weather is cold, wet and grey.

Have a great weekend and maybe you will discover some fun finds yourself!

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Grey for Fall, Fall for Grey

It’s that time of year again!  The kids are back in school, the weather is getting a little bit cooler and I’m thinking of grey clothes. Yes, I have barely worn a stitch of grey over the past few months and I’m starting to get itchy to pull out some of my Fall grey favourites.

With the kids being out of school for the past two months, I didn’t have a lot of time to hit the shops.  But I managed a night away in the States with my husband and a girls’ trip to Whistler.  During these short trips, I was perusing the new Fall fashions every chance I got.  And what did I see?  Shades of grey – everywhere!

Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos to show you this neutral that has had serious staying power for the past few years.

First up:

this cute cute sweater from J Crew Factory. love the pineapple, don’t you?
cozy, slimmed down puffer jacket in a shiny steel grey available at TNA / Aritzia
who doesn’t need a charcoal grey draped cardigan ? find it at Joe Fresh
a long dress in a light and dark grey marble would be great with boots and a jean jacket this Fall. also at Joe Fresh
these lace up military style boots would be great with leggings and skinny jeans, wouldn’t they?
shouldn’t everyone have a grey and white plaid shirt in their wardrobe? find this one at Banana Republic

Grey for Fall, or Fall for Grey?  Either way, I can’t wait to start wearing grey again!

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It’s almost here!!

In T – 1 week, yes in just one week….Nordstrom will open in Vancouver!

nordstrom vancouver

You could say I’m  everyone is pretty excited!  Ok, maybe not everyone (my husband doesn’t seem to care).  In just seven days, we will have access to the great brands, selection and fantastic service that up until now, we have had to drive 3 hours south of Vancouver for.  With the Canadian dollar doing poorly against the US, I’m wondering if my sister and her American neighbours and their wallets might venture north to check out our new store ?

I probably won’t go on opening day, but I’m hoping to shop the following week.

Can’t. wait.

School Days Daze

It’s just a few days in and I’m already sad the school year has started.

Unlike so many moms (and some dads) I did not experience the urge to send my kids back to school a few weeks ago. I did not frantically search for openings in summer camps just to get them out of the house.

Instead, I scrambled to find fun things to do with my girls in those last blissfully free days. I worried I hadn’t helped create enough special summer memories. I waited to hear them tell me this had been the Best. Summer. Ever.

My girls spent time with their dad early in the summer and then they were pretty much mine except for every other weekend. Peaceful were the mornings spent lounging in our pjs. Plentiful were the outings with just the three of us and rare were the moments when I wished I had a breather. Before you roll your eyes and think bad thoughts about me, let me tell you there WERE those moments but even I was shocked by how seldom I felt that way.

We spent a few days at the lake swimming and tubing. We had sleepovers with friends and two visits to Chick-Fil-A (the novelty hasn’t worn off yet). There were swim practices and meets and dance hours to fulfill. I felt like we were really busy and then, happily, some days we weren’t.

The school year started to sneak up on us thanks to school supplies showing up in the stores and commercials showing off back-to-school fashions. It was early August when my eldest, afraid of glue sticks and notebooks selling out, asked to go supply shopping. We’ve always loved doing that so it felt like another fun summer activity.

Two weeks ago we made a trip to the middle school to check out the locker situation and get a new PE uniform (I swear she grew an inch just over the summer). We went shopping for new clothes and shoes and I laughed to myself that both my girls are now out of the children’s department. Awesome.

Finally, there was just one day left to ourselves before the girls were to spend the last weekend of summer break with their dad. Three days of glorious weather, too. They each chose a friend, I chose the lake and we spent several hours jumping off the dock, taking pictures, eating fried chicken (yup, the kind out of the bucket) and introducing one kid to her first ever McFlurry. My apologies to her mom.

Monday showed up and we went to Meet The Teacher at the elementary school. New teacher, no friends in class. “Yay!” said no kid ever. We did our best to distract her with pizza and a movie night. And as I sent them upstairs to get ready for bed and the early morning to follow, I heard Big Sis say to Little “This was the best summer ever.” followed by ” I KNOW!”.

Though still not ready for it to be over, I had to agree with them. And I went to bed happy.

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Pinned & Tried – Food

Today’s Pinned & Tried is the food edition.  It’s no secret that I like Pinterest and I pin many many pins.  But how many do I really try?  As you may have guessed, I don’t try as many as I would like to.

This week though, I tried this:

nutella banana bread

The recipe was a little different than my Mom’s banana bread recipe as I have never had to mix baking soda with water before adding to the mixture.  That said, I followed the recipe exactly.  Well, sort of.  I substituted chocolate peanut butter for Nutella.  We’ve been buying chocolate peanut butter over the past year as it has slightly more protein than Nutella.  The kids love it on toast and on sliced bananas. You may think I am splitting hairs on this, but that’s how I am selling myself on any chocolate spread these days.

My gas range oven cooks quickly and 45 minutes later, voila:

chocolate banana bread

Once it cooled, I made myself a latte and enjoyed a large slice.

coffee and banana bread

It was delicious and was the perfect afternoon snack.  Try it here at The 36th Avenue.  I bet you’ll like, too.

This was one successful Pinned & Tried – Food Edition!

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Pinned & Tried

It’s been a little while since I posted a Pinned & Tried – Fashion edition, so here goes.  My latest obsession has been the kimono and over the past few months, I’ve been watching from afar.  At first I didn’t know it was called a kimono because I immediately thought of the traditional Japanese kimono like this:


But the current definition of kimono is what I have been seeing and pinning on Pinterest.  It usually looks light weight, flowy and floral.  Sort of like this:


kimono the bay

Then one day when reading Get Your Pretty On, I saw this:

pretty fix: july kimono

And that kimono front and centre caught my eye.  So after a little research, I realized I could order from Amazon.ca and I did.  It arrived in less than 3 weeks for the bargain price of less than $15 Cdn!  I have to admit, I was pretty surprised at the quality.  The colours are exactly as shown (phew!) and so far the stitching and sewing seem to pretty good.  I’m not expecting this kimono to last for years but if I can get 2 seasons out of it, I’ll be happy.

So now that I have my kimono, the dilemma becomes not when to get one, but how to wear one. Thankfully, I have been pinning some images and decided to try wearing it like this:


If I had not pinned this pin-spiration outfit, I would not have tried it.  But I have to say, that as much as I love the idea of shorts with the kimono, I don’t love it on me. Maybe it’s because the shorts and the kimono are the same length?  I’m also not a fan of my sandals, so that isn’t helping me.

Next, I swapped the shorts for jeans and the sandals for flip flops:

and lastly, I put on ankle length jeans and a pair of ballet flats:


The last look is my favourite, but if I was able to get a pair of sandals that I really liked, then I would definitely try wearing the kimono like my pin-spiration photo.

All in all, I am so happy with my find, my purchase and my new kimono.  I call this one a successful Pinned & Tried!

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