Family Resemblance

Lately I’ve been making comparisons between my sis in Canada and my oldest daughter who is almost 10 years old. The comparisons are not always flattering. To give you an example, neither is a morning person.

Yesterday, however, my darling daughter (I truly mean that) had her first morning meltdown over what to wear to school. I felt like I was watching my sister some 30 years ago. After I got over being irritated that we may be late for school, my heart broke for her. I wanted to rush to the store and buy her something to make it all better – if only the stores were open!

Thankfully, we solved the issue, at least for yesterday, and got off to school. This morning, it was like it had never happened and she was the first one up, dressed and ready to go.

This morning, it was me. I hate my clothes, I hate my clothes, I hate my clothes!!! 

Gotta go now. Time to head to work. Wearing gray. Ugh.

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