So, they say….

If you google something like, “does colour change your mood”, you will find hundreds of articles and links proving this to be true. There are colours to improve our moods, colours to relax by, colours to get us excited, etc, etc.  But do we really need a study to show this ?

If you read my American sister’s earlier post, you will see that by wearing a bright top and scarf, she felt more happy and confident. I think it is a no brainer. We feel happier when the sun shines, so why wouldn’t we feel lighter when we wear a great colour?

On my recent shopping trip to Seattle, I found this scarf and top at Nordstrom.


I had found the scarf first and then the shirt, so when I realized how well they went together, I just had to get them both!   I have to admit, it was the colour of the scarf that first got my attention.  Then, the blue and grey stripes on the shirt, not the grey stripes that made me like the shirt.  Put them on with jeans and I have a combo that I like to wear!

Recently, a friend (who doesn’t know about our no grey challenge) commented that I seemed lighter and happier.  I am not sure if it is the recent sunny weather, or my new clothes, but like my sister said, “colour me happy!”

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