On my book shelf

Have you read the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin?


I read it for my book club over a year ago. It wasn’t an easy read for me, but once I stopped treating it like a novel, and more like a “how to” book, I was able to enjoy it more.  The author wrote it to find more ways to be happier in her life and ultimately, she was.

The book covers topics ranging from love, family, children, art,  home, organization – you name, she probably covered it.  By reading each chapter, I felt like I had a little assignment and I do remember trying to use her approach to see if I, too could be happier.

50 Days of No Grey was not devised to make us happier, it was just our little project to change our style and not wear so much grey.  But, I think it has made me look at things differently and more creatively.  Of late, it seems that both my sister (as evidenced by her recent posts) and I have been looking at things in a happier way.

And that’s a good thing!

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