Black is My New Gray

Used to be that gray was touted as “the new black” and that was true for me beginning back in the mid to late 90’s.
Back then I remember a gray shift dress I would wear over a turtleneck sweater (usually from The Gap) in black or burgundy or a different shade of gray. I would complete the ensemble with black or gray tights and a chunky-heeled Hush Puppy loafer (remember those?).
Well, I beat that look and several other combinations to death over the past decade or so. I have been bringing black back for the past few weeks while whittling down my gray outfits.
Today I am bringing it back with my favorite Banana Republic ankle-length pants and a patent wedge pump. Thankfully, I rarely see the same people more than once a week in my job so I am also becoming a fan of recycling. You will see I have also brought back my BR sweater and J Crew scarf. Some days I just lack the time or inclination to be creative.
Thank goodness for black.


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