Layer, layer, layer

Although it is Spring, it is not warm in most parts of North America.  How do you stay warm, but shed all those heavy winter clothes?

I found this article on Huffington Post Canada how to layer your clothes for our questionable Spring weather.   The writer has lived in various cities across Canada, so she knows what she is talking about when it comes to dressing for Spring.

Here in Vancouver, we have been having some fairly sunny days, but don’t misunderstand me, they are not warm sunny days.   There has also been a strong wind and I am cold!   I don’t want to wear my winter jacket, but my lightweight jackets are definitely not warm enough!  What’s a girl to do ?

Layer, layer, layer.

Well, the only things I have to layer are cardigans; black and grey to be exact. I put on a black cardigan last week and it felt dark and dreary.   Oh, but the grey cardigan looked just right!  I guess I will just have to stay warm with my grey cardigan.


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