New habits

You’ve heard the phrase, it takes 30 days to change a habit ?

Well, I believe it to be true. Thinking back to when we started our 50 Days of No Grey challenge, it took effort and time to really change how I wore grey all the time.

My latest habit that I want to change ? My skin care routine, or lack thereof. I’m aging and my skin is not as great as it used to be. I really want to help it along. Thankfully, there are good skin genes in my family. My (our) mother, is in her late 60s and her skin looks great. We attribute her success to a routine we have named, dirty bathwater. I think the name alone is self-explanatory.

Since, I don’t quite follow my mother’s routine, I have started my own. Most of my information comes from my sister and friends. They are always up to date on what you need and are kind enough to share their knowledge with me.

Thanks to them, I have now become slightly obsessed with product. Moisturizers, serums (didn’t even know what these were), exfoliants, night creams – you get the idea. There are so many products out there, along with the various claims of how they will help you.

Over the past few months, I have acquired more product than I have in years. My morning routine includes a quick wash, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, cover up, mineral powder, blush, mascara, etc. My evening routine starts with a good wash, an occasional exfoliant, a toner, a night serum, more eye cream and a night moisturizer. Whew! I joked to my sister that I added an extra 30 minutes to my morning and evening routines. She thought I was kidding. Ok, maybe not 30, but there is definitely more time needed.

I am having trouble maintaining this level of skin care routine. So much product, so little time😉. I have seen improvements, so I know it is worth it. I’ll just keep plugging on. In 30 days, I should I have a new habit, less wrinkles and maybe some more new product.


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