I Have a Confession…

I am a product junkie. And a magazine junkie.

There. I said it.

I laughed out loud reading my sister’s post about her new skincare regime. We have had several conversations over the past few months about product, usage and routine. I could talk all day about it and still not be satisfied with what I know and don’t know. Part of my magazine addiction is probably fueled by my desire to read what the latest and greatest products are and who in the land of popular culture is using them. But more about magazines later.

A friend of mine sells a product through a multi-level marketing company called Arbonne. When she first introduced the line to me through a sample packet she apologized for the number of steps required to complete the routine. I recall having thanked her, actually, as the opportunity to apply more product and see the results got me excited!

I don’t use all the products from that original sample packet but I adopted the eye cream for day and still order it on a regular basis. In addition to my night eye cream, assorted cleansers (not too fussy there but occasionally used with my Clarisonic), toner, serum, moisturizers and sunscreens. And that’s just the skincare routine.

Like my sister said, our mom looks great for her age. Thank goodness. At this point we both seem to be on the same track, minus the nightly dirty bathwater facials. Gross.

Unlike several people I know, I haven’t dabbled in plumpers or firmers that require a needle just yet. Mostly because I can’t afford it, not for any moral reason. I have a wrinkle on my forehead that I am dying to attack and prevent its further deepening. I’d also like to have the fat under my chin sucked out but that’s a little scarier so I use lots of lotion and make strange faces doing neck exercises instead.

My magazines are something I look forward to on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis. How I would love to be able to tell you that Newsweek, Time and The New Yorker regularly flood my mailbox but that would be lying. Unless you count the times the mailman misdirects my neighbor’s New Yorker and I glance at it before dropping it off at her house.

No, my collection consists of health, beauty, gossip and better living. The great thing about all those categories is that they ALL have sections on product!!! Wedged between organizing your closets, swimsuits that fit every body and stars that are “just like us” I can find skincare and makeup tips for every skin type and on every budget!

And the Best Beauty Buys edition of InStyle? Forget about it! Like a bible. A religious experience that leads me to tear out the handy reference card and head to Nordstrom, Sephora and Walgreens to stock up. I. Love. That. Issue.

Speaking of which, I have issues.



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