Restoration hardware

I have a love hate relationship with Restoration Hardware. When the store first opened in Vancouver, I was so excited to finally shop the shop I had coveted during my trips across the border.

But little did I realize that shopping at RH in Canada wasn’t that much fun. Nothing is in stock in the store. Well, nothing that I wanted; curtain drapery rods, cabinet hardware, planters, and furniture, etc.  Most items have to be ordered, which means shipping costs and wait time.

Across the street is Pottery Barn, another well loved shop and probably closer to my style than RH. They have a lot of items available in their onsite warehouse. I tend to shop there more often as I can usually get the instant gratification that I so desire while shopping.

Imagine my surprise when a package arrives from RH this week. It landed on my front porch and must have arrived by courier. The package contained 6 catalogues with a total weight of 7.85 pounds!!

IMG_3101 IMG_3106
Wow!  These books are seriously heavy.  Included in the package was a note from RH stating that these books were only delivered twice per year,  were printed on recycled paper, and they hoped we recycle the books, etc, etc.

Really ?  Are delivering these catalogues the best way to promote environmentally friendly practices?

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