Father’s Day

As Father’s Day winds down, I would like to say thanks to my husband for being such a great Dad to our kids. They have a lot of fun together are really lucky to have him as their father.

My own Dad is a pretty quiet guy, but a good guy. Back in the late 60s when my sister and I were born, my Dad and others like him waited outside the delivery room until the baby was born and then were given the go ahead to pass out cigars. Times have since changed, but my Dad was ahead of his time.

He was pretty hands on while we were little and wasn’t afraid of raising two girls. We camped, fished and hiked with him, until sometime early in our teen years, when we discovered the mall with our mom. Although, our outdoor pursuits with him slowly came to an end, the skills he taught us still live on. Read what my sister recently wrote, here: Like Father, Like Daughter

That said, our Dad is a steady eddy kind of guy. And what is he doing for Father’s Day? Fishing with his buddies. Probably one of his favourite ways to spend time. Hope you catch a big one, Dad!

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