A visit to the library


I found this on Pinterest and it is so true!  I love books!  I love to hold them, own them, borrow them – you name it.  My sister and I grew up reading every chance we got.  Fast forward to now and both my husband and I love to read.

This afternoon, we went to our local library so that my son could sign up for the Summer Reading Club.  Every day that they read for 15 minutes, they put a sticker on a calendar to chart their progress.  At the end of the summer, there is a wrap up party at the library. Easy peasy.  He was so excited to get his club materials and get home to start reading!

While we were there, we checked out lots of books for the kids.  Here are some favourites of my 4 year old daughter:


image from Amazon.ca

  • Fairy Stories by Daisy Meadows. These stories pretty much follow the same formula and are not my favourites, but she loves hearing about how the girls out-trick the goblins.
  • The Gruffalo, The Singing Mermaid, Room on the Broom – anything by Julia Donaldson – I love her writing style, the illustrations and just everything about her stories!

At the other end of the book shelf is my son.  He is 6.5 years old and likes chapter books. He loves reading about adventures and some of his favourites are:

  • Geronimo Stilton – the books are written in a fun style and it is always entertaining to read about the mouse and his travels.
  • The Magic Treehouse series with Jack and Annie by Mary Pope Osborne – this one involves time travel and history.
  • Secret Agent, Jack Stalwart by Elizabeth Singer Hunt – a boy travels around the world to find his missing brother.

Going to the library is a great way to spend time out of the sun and it doesn’t cost you a thing (except for my late fees-oops).  I even got a couple books for myself – after I paid my fine, of course.

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