Do What You Can, When You Can

Last night my sister and I both left planking and pushup-ing until late. 10 p.m. kind of late. I started shaking at 22 seconds but managed to pull out 1:10. No energy to do pushups so I went to bed with the intent to do both exercises first thing in the morning.

Well, here it is 9 p.m. and I have yet to do them, unless you count my kitchen counter pushups. You know…the kind you do standing at the counter while simultaneously watching your kids eat their breakfast and scanning your work email that came in during the night.

I tell you what…I can feel those pushups right now in my triceps! I even mixed it up a little and did elbows out and elbows in. To top it off I did some kind of rear leg lift while returning those work emails while the kids loaded their dishes in the dishwasher. Only one looked at me strangely and asked “WHAT are you doing, Mom?”

Fitting it in when I can! THAT’S what I’m doing, daughter! Only 1:15 left to go (hopefully).

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