Packing 102

I am about to leave to join my family at our annual lakeside getaway. A classic over packer, I always justify by saying I like to have options and I hate carrying a bag on the plane so since I’m going to check a bag, why not go with the big one?

This would be even easier to justify since it’s a road trip and I figure if it fits in the car it’s fair game. However, this trip I’ve gone with the small bag and just really stuffed it full.

I’m bringing:

– 2 pairs of shorts

– 2 skirts

– 2 dresses (one can also be a coverup)

– 4 tank tops

– one pair sandals

– 2 flip flops

– workout gear including tennis shoes (that’s runners to you Canadians…read my post on this a wayyyy back)

So far I’m not packing regular tshirts because I hate all the ones I have and really should have purchased a cute one I saw at Athleta the other day but didn’t. Damn it.

My daughters now pack for themselves. One throws whatever she can grab in her bag and doesn’t care if it matches so long as there is room for her stuffed animals and books. The other has carefully planned six complete outfits and has had them laid out for a week. Clearly neither of them does the laundry.

Oh well, we’re off and no matter what I’m wearing…or have forgotten to pack…this is possibly my favorite week of the year!

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