In My Next Life…

I’m coming back as a customer, not a vendor.

I’m not ashamed to say that I want someone to kiss my ass, flatter me, wine me and dine me in order to get my business.

On that note, I also promise to be the kinder version of many of the people I deal with on a daily basis. I will return your emails even if only to tell you I’m not interested. I will return your calls, listen to you plug your product and then honestly tell you I will or will not be buying.

I WILL RSVP when you invite me to a customer appreciation event. Within the requested time frame! I won’t say I’m coming and then not show…without so much as a text message.

I will remember that you’re just doing your job and that you deserve the same kind of respect and courtesy you show me. And if you don’t show me that respect and courtesy, well, that’s probably not going to end in a sale for you.

In my next life I will treat vendors the way I wish I was treated.

Does it sound like I had a bad day?

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