Twas the Night Before First Day


Twas the Night Before First Day




Twas the night before first day and all through my head

Not a backpack was packed, not a new form was read.

The children were grumpy and hyper and tired

Too many Diet Cokes and I felt totally wired.


The clothes were laid out with shocking good care

With socks for their feet and bows for their hair.

With kids in their jammies and I dressed in mine

I convinced us all the first day would be fine.


When out in the yard there came a loud scream!

Time for summer tradition – go for ice cream!

Away in the car we drove in a flash

To Baskin Robbins I handed my cash.


Back home we arrived and got ready for bed.

I ran the to-do list around in my head.

With reading done and kisses doled out

I headed downstairs to figure it out.


I folded the laundry and ironed the clothes.

Had to have it all done before they arose.

Paperwork done and lunches in bags

No missing snacks and no kid in rags.


We all had a good time in this summer so great.

School came so fast when I wished it would wait.

But the new year is here and tomorrow we’ll part

And get the school year off to a wonderful start!

linking up with The Jenny Evolution Flash Friday

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