The Tooth Fairy (and other myths I’ll miss)

My eldest doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy any more and I don’t know which one of us is more devastated.

Her Dad blew it for us. Two forgotten teeth at his house and she figures it out that the magic only happens at my house. So she questions me via text and email after tearfully discovering her molar still sitting on her nightstand. And I freeze.

My first instinct to make something up, cover for her dad’s poor memory and convince her the Tooth Fairy messes up sometimes. Because what’s next? Santa and the Easter Bunny blown out of the water? I can’t take it. I love being those characters and creating those moments for my kids. Believing is fun. Believing is special and magical. Creating that magic is special.

And we have a little sister to consider. I don’t want her to stop believing any earlier than she has to. Having something magical in that little head of hers is intoxicating. The excitement and the giddiness are feelings we so rarely have as adults. Why shouldn’t kids keep that innocence as long as they can?

The practical mom in me knows at the age of 10, she deserves to know the truth or at least have what she already suspects confirmed. She needs to know she can trust me to be honest with her about little things like the Tooth Fairy so that I’ll be honest with her when the big stuff starts coming up.

And so I’ll tell her today that, yes, I am the Tooth Fairy. I’ll tell her that one of the amazing things about being a kid is that you get to believe in magic and fairies. I’ll tell her that as a parent one of the best things is getting to inspire that belief and create the magic. I’ll tell her that hearing her shout out that the Tooth Fairy came and brought her two dollars is as much fun for me as it is for her finding that gift. I’ll enlist her help in keeping the magic alive for her sister for a little while longer.

With a wink and a smile just between us I’ll let her grow up a little bit today.


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