These boots were made for….

Rain.  Holy Puddles, Batman!  We had an epic rainstorm this past weekend and the forecast for this week isn’t much better!

It is still September (barely) and we are having huge rainstorms.  For those of you that think it always rains in Vancouver, you are wrong, right, sort of.  Yes, we get rain for most of the Fall, Winter and a good portion of Spring.  But the type of rain we have had lately is of Winter proportions.  You could almost use a boat or an ark to get around town these past few days.

That said, when you have kids and a dog, you just have to go outside, regardless of the weather.   So, unless you plan to stay indoors for 6 months, you will learn equip yourself with the best that rain gear has to offer.

Today, our lesson will focus on rain boots.  They come in many different heights, styles, colours, and prices.  After years of buying colourful, fun and well priced   cheap boots, I upgraded to a pair of Hunters.  A good friend had bought a pair of, swore by how great they were, and the rest is history.  Here are my grey Hunters (they were purchased before I thought I had a problem with grey):


They cost  way more than I ever thought I would pay for a pair of rain boots.  But in the 3 years I have had them, I haven’t regretted it one bit.  I had never seen Angelina Jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith, where her red Hunter boots made such a big appearance.  But now looking at it, it’s a pretty good visual.  Not sure how it would have impacted my buying decision, but doesn’t really matter now, does it ?


image from

While out shopping the other day, I saw these rain boots, which had me wishing for a second pair:


New from Hunter are the Rubber Moto.  How cool  are these ?   I also saw this Moto style from Sperry Top-Sider:


A little glossier than the Hunter and just as cool.

This Hunter boot in a gorgeous magenta also caught my attention:


Spend your money wisely, and get the best boots you can.  You will wear them as you get into your ark this winter.  I promise.


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