Rocker Gaming Chair
SAVE $20
Valid October 04, 2013 — October 10, 2013


• Equipped with Bluetooth and speakers system
• Folds for easy storage

This is an ad I copied from my local Toys R US flyer.  I saw this chair for sale  and I said, WTF ?   They are selling a “Gaming Chair” for kids?

I am not against video games.  I know they have a place in today’s world.  We have a Wii in our house and iPads.  The kids prefer the iPad to playing Wii, so it actually doesn’t get used that often.  But we don’t have a gaming chair, nor do we need one.

Over the past few years, reports have come out that, children are not playing and getting enough exercise.

Here’s what we know:

  • childhood obesity is on the rise
  • kids are more hooked on electronics than ever before
  • kids are not playing outside as much as they used to

And Toys R Us is selling a gaming chair?  Because the couch isn’t comfortable enough?


A local Vancouver company, Peekaboo Beans has started the Play Revolution. They are concerned that kids aren’t playing enough.  Just simply playing, with their imaginations, themselves and their friends.  For more about the Play Revolution, watch the video here.

We shouldn’t need reminders that kids should play.  And I don’t mean video games.

Seriously?  Toys R Us,  is a gaming chair really necessary in today’s world ?

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