I might not have mentioned this before, but I really really like my son’s teacher.  He happened to have her last year as well (split class), and we feel lucky to have her again this year.   She gets his smart, fidgety, funny self and for that reason, I like her 🙂

Last Friday as I dropped him off, she came rushing towards me with a giant, ok large pumpkin in her hands.  Can you, would you…?   Take home this guy and carve him for the class ?   Well, of course we (the royal we) would love to.  Knowing all along that it would be my husband doing the carving with my son wielding his own knife somewhere in the process.

My son’s eyes were wide and he had a big smile.  He was thrilled.

The only stipulation was that it had to be back on Monday as there was going to be some type of competition between all the classes.  No problem, I responded.

Well, last night at 6pm, we (the royal we) are carving the pumpkin.  We wanted something scary, but not too scary.  Happy, but not too happy.  After a little research, my son and husband exactly what they were looking for.


It is know as Jack Skellingtonfrom the Nightmare Before Christimas by the famous director, Tim Burton.

So, how did ours turn out?


Pretty good, I think.  My son was thrilled to have his Dad take the pumpkin to class this morning.

And that is a great way to start a Monday!


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