verb (used without object), day-tripped, day-trip·ping.

to travel as day-tripper

A few weekends ago, I got an opportunity to head South of the border with a friend.   We Canadians live mostly along the border and like love to cross border shop.  We love online shopping, too, but the shipping fees often make the item cost way too much!  So, we open an account at a local post office/shipping office and have our items shipped there.  It’s a short trip, we save the shipping fees and can often bring back a bottle of wine (don’t get me going on the price of wine in the US) on our excursion.

We crossed the border and picked up her son’s costume at the local shipping place.  After that we headed south to Old Fairhaven for lunch.  Old Fairhaven is located on the south side of Bellingham by the ocean.  It is full of historic brick buildings, cute shops and great restaurants.  Our favourite breakfast and lunch spot is Tony’s Coffee Shop.  They have been roasting their own coffee since 1971 and it is fantastic!  I usually have 3 cups and it seems to give me lots of energy for the day of shopping.  Their meals are also great.   My breakfast entree was delicious!

After lunch and a quick look in a couple shops, we headed to Trader Joes.


I have been wanting to go there for literally years.  I first went with my sister when she moved to the States (10 years ago?) and I don’t think I have been ever since.  Sadly, we don’t have Trader Joes in Vancouver, but we do have Pirate Joes, although that is another story.   We did a quick run through the store and ended up with some pumpkin crackers, Halloween cookies and the dark chocolate caramel bars.  I would have loved to grab some of my favourite wines at the low, low prices, but of course I didn’t.  I did see this bottle and thought it was cute:


Not sure what it would have tasted like, though…

Next we hit up Bellis Fair Mall.  This mall has been around forever and has gone through some changes to keep up with the times.  My friend was looking for a dress, so we headed to Macy’s and I was surprised!  Macy’s had lots of selection, great designer names and fantastic prices!   The selection of LBDs was huge, so my friend tried on about 15 dresses and went home with two!  Lucky girl!

I ended up with a tshirt from the Gap and some clothes for my kids, but I wasn’t disappointed.  I was just enjoying the change of scenery and some time to hang with a friend.  We ended with a dinner back across the border and home by 9pm, long after the kids were in bed.  And that is a great way to spend a day!

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