Well, another American Thanksgiving has come and gone.
I am lying in bed on Black Friday night, exhausted. Today I spent three hours at a college football game and another three hours in my car trying to get past the other 69,999 fans and the millions (ok, it seemed liked millions) of bargain shoppers. There is nothing I want or need badly enough for myself or anyone else to stand in line for hours on end.
But back to Thanksgiving! My future hubby and I cooked for our four daughters. Four daughters.
Last year we tried our hand at deep frying the turkey for the first time. We over-deep-fried it and watched as we all sawed through it and drowned it in gravy.
Determined to have a win this year, we gave it another go and…voila! Success! Better than success, actually. Future Hub fried that thing to perfection while I whipped up Paula Deen’s rub that I brushed on when it came out if the fryer. Hellloooo butter. Awesome. Highly recommend it.
The one holiday dish thing I can’t figure out is how to perfect my 18 year-old future stepdaughter’s favorite side dish. Don’t gag…Velveeta Broccoli Casserole. What IS Velveeta? It’s supposed to melt in the oven when you cook the whole thing together with the crushed Ritz crackers on top (more butter, right?) but it doesn’t melt. It’s like rubber or plastic or some other foreign matter and the girl loves this dish but I can’t get it right. At least I didn’t for the second time though she claimed to like it but maybe we’re just turning a corner and she’s being polite. Who knows? I’ll take a Christmas miracle when I can get one.
Anyways, deep fried turkey. If you haven’t tried it, you should. And beforehand you should watch deep fried turkey disasters on YouTube for what-not-to-dos. Funny stuff on there.



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