Top 10 Christmas

The Monday Listicles would like to know ten of our Christmas memories.   I am thinking this will be a pretty easy post, or will it?

  • In 2006, my son was 6 weeks old and he celebrated his first Christmas with us and a few days later I turned 40.  Having all those great events just a few weeks apart was a fantastic, yet sleep deprived way to end the year.MyPicture
  • My husband and I went to Maui together on Christmas Eve in 2005.  It was weird arriving at the airport and being the only couple not to have someone picking them up.  But we somehow managed to enjoy the sunshine and have a fun trip. 🙂
  • Way, way back in the late 70s, my sister and I dressed up like elves and did a little Christmas skit for our parents and grandparents on Christmas Eve.  Although I’m sure it was cute at the time, I don’t really want to see the photos of it anymore.
  • At about the same time as the Christmas skit, we lived in a small farming community for 3 years.  On every Christmas Eve, we would go the resort hotel in the neighbouring town for dinner.  My sister and I thought it was so cool to have a fancy dinner and listen to the big band.
  • Last year we took our family to stay with my sister and her family south of the border for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It was our first Christmas away as a family and the kids liked loved it!
  • My late Grandfather used to give us the best gifts as kids. Sometimes it was crumpled up one dollar bills in an egg carton and other times it was a Barbie doll.  That man loved the holidays and I am so sorry my kids didn’t get to meet him.
  • Pat Benatar would release an album (yes, I’m dating myself) every year just before Christmas and I would always get that new album as a present.
  • In 2001, just a week before Christmas we moved into our house. It was pretty exciting to decorate and enjoy the house after weeks and weeks of painting, ripping up carpet and cleaning.
  • Our first dog was so tolerant.  She allowed us to constantly put reindeer antlers on her and we have too many photos to prove it.  We miss her.


  • Going to the Festival of Lights at Van Dusen Gardens is one our family traditions and we are going in just a few days.


So many great memories and so many more to come!

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