From Our House to Yours

Christmas 2013 has come and gone. The wrapping paper is crumpled and torn, the tree is getting dry and the poinsettia is drooping ( I may have forgotten to water it).
This year I didn’t have my girls with me as they spent the first week of their Christmas break with their Dad in Arizona. It wasn’t the first time but it was still a little odd to be honest. I don’t think it will ever get easier but maybe I’ll get better at spending that time without them. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my future husband and his two daughters at his house. It was fine, nice even, but without my own girls there I felt awkward. It makes my heart ache when I’m not with them on special occasions. Especially Christmas.
I had an ally though. My new family comes with a loveable, needy Yellow Lab. She has no need for personal space or alone time and can sometimes be a total pain in the ass when I need those things. But on Christmas Day while I needed breathing room from the different house and different routine she was exactly what I needed!
Future Hub and I took her to the dog park for a couple hours. We walked in the cold ( it was really cold) and she swam in the lake, chasing ball after ball. I admired all the other dogs and stopped to pet them when they would let me. A couple hundred other dog people had the same idea as us so the dog count was high.
Eventually we had to go back to the house but with the wet, smelly dog I felt better. I didn’t feel the pit in my stomach quite so bad from missing my own kids and was able to enjoy his kids for a few hours more.
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas or whatever you celebrated….with or without a needy Yellow Lab.


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