Another New Year, Another List

Whew, am I glad the holidays are almost over.  Yes, I said it out loud.  Don’t get me wrong, our family had a great time, but I personally am feeling socially fatigued.  My palate is also fatigued and I don’t even feel like having a glass of wine!

Although I am not a big supporter of making resolutions only at the New Year, our family did decide to make some new house rules and a list of what we would like to do this year.  Our house rules have to do with behaviour, electronic time, and being kind to others.  I am hoping that by writing it down, the kids will accept and embrace the rules.  They are only seven and four, so wish us luck!

My own personal to do list is never ending (like everyone else’s) and includes:

  • making progress on some house projects
  • clothing I need want to buy
  • continuing to de-crapify my house
  • try new things
  • to simplify

It’s just that simple.  Or is it?

I am enjoying the weekend before school starts, but I am sure looking forward to getting back into routine.  I bet I’m not the only one 🙂

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