LBD to the Rescue!


Little Black Dress

A must have in your closet

Fashion staple

Never goes out of style

Dress it up, dress it down

We have all heard these phrases said in praise of the LBD.  Recently,  I had to go to a evening fundraiser with a cocktail attire dress code.  Since retiring becoming a stay at home mom, I don’t have many opportunities to go to formal events.  So, when this invitation was accepted, I thought, “what am I going to wear?”

Thank goodness for a quick phone call to my sister and the LBD in my closet.  Yes, it was 20 years old.  Yes, it needed to be hemmed (the length indicated early 90s?).  Yes, it still fit.

All I needed were some new shoes suede black booties, a necklace and I was ready to go!


So, I am living proof to keep your LBD as it will always be in style and ready to go wherever you need to go!


I found this quote on Pinterest.   Don’t you think Karl said it straight?

I’ll leave you today with some images of how to wear and style the LBD that I found on Pinterest.  I think the LBD is my new super hero of my closet!



linking up with Vodka Infused Lemonade and Get Your Pretty On

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