Oregon Getaway

Recently I spent a few days at one of my favorite places, Cannon Beach, Oregon. It was mid-winter break for my kids and they were spending a few days in sunny AZ with their dad so Future Hub and I decided to hit the road and relax. This is one of my favorite views ever. Haystack Rock, the subject of postcards, coffee table books, art shows and tourist photo collections.


We stayed at the SurfSand Resort, a beachfront place that accepts dogs. The Needy Yellow Lab loves this place. She’s mesmerized by the ocean and will run herself into the ground (sand) chasing balls and sticks for hours.


This time, we had a small glitch in the form of a steady stream of water pouring out of first the smoke detector and then the fire sprinkler. A quick call to the front desk and we were moved. Bet they are still drying out the bed in the first room. That was a lot of water.


The rain fell off and on but mostly on for three days but we headed outside the moment it let up. Sometimes we were lucky to get back before it started again and sometimes not.

We spent hours watching the first two seasons of Breaking Bad. How was I so late to that party?! That show is insanely good. Can’t wait until the kids are in bed tonight so I can keep watching!

So, while many of my friends posted and tweeted from Hawaii, Costa Rica, California, Arizona and numerous ports of call in sunny locales, I came back with barely a sunny pic but a very relaxed state of mind.

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