Friday’s Fun Finds

Last week, I got the opportunity for my second visit to a Canadian Target.  You may not believe this, but I was actually giddy at the thought of spending 2 hours by myself in the store.

I found quite a few things in a very short period of time. I brought home a couple things, but left most in the store. Want to see what I found?

As I wandered down the aisle with clocks and wall hangings, these pieces caught my eye:


The above piece would be great in my son’s room, but there isn’t enough wall space.  Maybe in the basement playroom?


This wall art was only $5 on sale!  The blue and beige colours caught my eye as those are the colours in my home.  It came home with me, but I haven’t hung it up yet.

From that aisle, I headed to the furniture section and found this beautiful stool:


I thought it was so elegant and yet practical.  The lilac cushion wouldn’t work in my house, but it could easily be recovered.

Then I saw this stool and would like to put it in my family room, but again, I don’t think I have room for it.


Around the corner, this very cool bar cart was waiting for me!


I have seen these carts in a lot of magazines and blogs lately and would like to have one.  I think I could place it in my living room, but again, I don’t think I really have the room.

The main floor of our home is very open plan and with a lot of windows.  This means that we don’t have a lot of wall space to place things against or to hang art.  So, I need to be pretty careful with what I buy.  I am still thinking of a space where I could use this cart, though.

This basket also has that blue-grey that I like so much.


It was large enough to hold toys or gloves and hats.  I didn’t buy this one, but I did get a smaller one in the same pattern to put on our console table in the hallway.

My two hours were cut short as I had to pick up my son from a party, but I think I did quite well with my finds in such a short time.

I’m glad Target is in Canada and looking forward to my next reason excuse to go there. I just might need that bar cart, and those stools, and that basket…

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