To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse

Those who know me or who have read a couple of my posts on juicing know I am no fan of the green craze.
Right now you might be thinking I’m about to write about a change of heart or a revelation that has changed my mind. Sorry to disappoint!
What I am about to write about, however, is my first adventure with a raw food cleanse from my friend Lisa’s brilliant store in San Diego, known beautifully as Beaming (

Beaming makes cleansing easy. In fact, they totally dumb it down for people like me who need it simple and laid out. In fact, if you can count you can beam.

Future Hub and I decided to try their 3-Day cleanse based on the fact that this is the one they will ship. That’s it. I have been following Lisa’s passion for healthy living for several years and this was my first chance to experience what she has been raving about. And if I could lose a couple pounds to boot? Say no more!

My box arrived  with three green cooler bags packed with everything we would need for each day of the cleanse. A handy instruction guide laid out a suggested daily routine to optimize our cleansing experience. This is the dumbing-it-down part that I so appreciated. Each bottle was labelled with the day and the order in which we were to consume it.

Here we go…a green juice, packed with 3 lbs of organic produce and tasting just like it. I was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn’t choke and managed to get the whole 16 oz down.


The rest of the day consisted of consuming something every 2 1/2 hours. From an almond milk based drink to a cold soup and a ginger-laced juice to a delicious raw salad, I was constantly eating and never hungry. Future Hub was craving something warm but that was going to have to wait til morning for the warm water with lemon that started our day.


The menu changed each day with the exception of the first drink of the day. After drinking the afternoon juice each day I discovered ginger is not my palette’s friend. I like gingerbread and ginger snaps but I do not enjoy raw ginger. Those were hard for me to get down but I did and felt a little energy rush (or maybe that was just pride).

Day Three I felt like we were being rewarded. Everything we had that day was tasty and a couple things were even delicious, namely the Cauliflower Soup. Yum! And, surprise, surprise! They even gave us this gem that can be mixed with alcohol! We didn’t but even on it’s own it was really good and refreshing.


I woke up the day after finishing my last salad with a slight panicky feeling. What was I going to eat? I turned to the e-book that comes with the cleanse and whipped up a smoothie that took the edge off and kept my slightly flatter stomach still feeling flat.

Thanks to Beaming, I put more good stuff in my body in three days than I probably do in three weeks. Sad truth but also a great wake up call for more mindful eating.

So happy are Future Hub and I with how we feel after finishing the Beaming cleanse that we are already plotting out when to do it again.


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