Time Flies…

A few weeks ago, WordPress sent us a notice to let us know that it was one year ago when we started blogging.  Time flies.

This blog came about from a little idea.  It was February and I (being the Canadian sister) was tired of wearing grey and was feeling bored with my wardrobe.  My sister, who was a single mom, working full time and living in Seattle agreed with everything I said about our grey wardrobes.  The book, 50 Shades of Grey, and its trilogy was popular, thus our name was born.  50 Days of No Grey.  It was a simple concept.  Wear no (or little) grey for 50 days and add some colour to our wardrobe to mix things up a little.

This little blog was just meant for us and for anyone who wanted to read about our little project.  And, it is still is that, except we also write about life, clothes, shopping, home, kids, etc.  Our first post was this.  Short and sweet.  A couple other posts followed and then we posted The Rules.  This is the post that pretty much set the stage for our challenge.  From then on, it was fun trying to reduce the grey and mix up our wardrobes.

Our project started on March 29th, 2013 and ended on May 17th, 2013.   The 50 days went by very quickly (or so I thought).   For almost the past two weeks, it has been very Spring-like here in Vancouver. We are lucky – I know!  I feel like know that I have been wearing a lot of grey since October.  I pretty much embraced it at first, but now?  Oh, I am done.  Slightly bored with grey.  Maybe its the sunshine or maybe I am just feeling blah.

Below are pictures of the shelves in my closet where I pull most of my tops from:

IMG_5361 IMG_5354

Notice anything?

What have I been wearing lately?

Grey. 50 shades of grey.  Yes, there is a little blue and purple, but they are striped with grey.  That pink jacket you see?  It’s for workouts.

But based on the way I have been feeling lately, I think it is time for the 2nd Annual 50 Days of No Grey Challenge.  I’m going on holidays this week, but I think April 1st (no joke) would be a great day to start.  I’m up for it.  Are you??

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