Celebrating Day 2, sort of…

Today is day 2 of my self-inflicted no grey challenge and what a special day it is.  Why?  It’s my daughter’s 5th birthday.  She has only one pair of grey tights in her wardrobe and that is it! No grey for that girl.  Pink, purple, and blue are her favourite colours. Stripes, flowers and animal prints are the patterns that dominate her wardrobe.  And sometimes she likes to mix those colours and patterns in her own special way (if you know what I mean).



She’s a little bit shy and a little bit feisty and she’s a ton of fun! Watch out 5 here she comes!

Now, about my challenge…

I am proud to say that I wore no grey yesterday.  Well, almost no grey.  I wore a greige (does that count) and white striped scarf with my off white TNA Pomona shirt and TNA burgundy coloured jeans.  Today, I did wear grey pants, but I wore a pink long sleeved top and a jean jacket.  Sorry, but no pictures today.  Too busy celebrating 🙂

Wish me luck for the rest of the week!

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