Mom in a Million

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers come into our lives in many ways; biological, adoptive, step-parent, grandmother, special aunts, neighbours, etc.  The job of a mother is so special, yet can be often overwhelming.  Among other things, a motherly figure provides love, warmth, and guidance and not always in that order.

Of course, I would like to wish a special day to my own mom, my sister and my lively and cranky great grandmothers. My thoughts are also with an acquaintance whose child is in the hospital.  For my friends whose mothers are no longer with us, I hope happy memories make this day easier for you.

This book was given to me as a gift when I had my first child.  The kids love it as it’s such a fun read.



I hope all of you have a happy day, because you are all a Mom in a Million!


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