Bedtime Tables

Now I lay me down to sleep and I look beside me.  What do I see?   A little night table with an assortment of items crowded onto it.  As I look at these items, I realize there are some that I use and some that I have not touched in a long time.

I have seen a few magazines and Pinterest sites that show how to style a bedside table.  They look beautiful with flowers, a water jug and no clutter.  Like this:

Bedside table styling from House & Home
Bedside table styling from House & Home


This week, the Monday Listicles wants to know what is on our night tables.  So once again, I’m sharing this list with my sister and here is what you will find beside her bed:

Sister’s Table:

  • stack of magazines
  • clock
  • lamp
  • tiny figure of Ray, a character from The Princess and The Frog (gift from youngest daughter)
  • framed photo of future hub and dog
  • dust



My Table:

  • Books
  • Clock radio (does anyone still use these?)
  • Reading glasses
  • Lamp
  • Hand & foot cream
  • Bowl with misc small things



According to experts, your night table should not be cluttered or have items on it that might cause you stress and disrupt your sleep.  Good Feng Shui design says that night tables bring balance and security to a room and should be in symmetry with both sides of the bed.

Well, all this good information might explain why I often have restless nights.  Maybe, I’ll clear it off and see if I sleep any better.

Sweet Dreams!


One thought on “Bedtime Tables

  1. Stasha June 8, 2014 / 9:09 pm

    I read that about the bedroom too. But mine is made messy by others all the time. I guess I will blame my insomnia on family 😉

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