I’ll never forget…

It’s Wednesday and we are just getting around to posting this week’s Monday Listicle.   Our assignment ?  A list of 10 things you will never forget.

Wow – that is a big topic to just put into a few lines, but with my sister’s help, we have narrowed it down to five each and here we go:

Sister’s List (in her words):

  1. The day I found out my ex-husband was cheating on me. (is that too
    heavy for this list…haha?)
  2. The days each of my two daughters was born.
  3. Meeting the five women who would become my first friends in Seattle and
    still are today.
  4. The best laugh I shared with my new husband when we were first dating.
  5. How hard I cried the day my favorite cat died.


My List:

  1. My first trip to Europe –  with my sister when we were twenty-something and it was pretty impressive
  2. The birth of both of my kids – this is an obvious one
  3. Everything about my husband’s and my first dog – adoption, her life, death and everything in between.    Greatest. Dog. Ever.
  4. Buying my first condo at age 26.  Something most “kids” in this crazy city will never be able to do because it is so freakin’ expensive.
  5. Finally hitting 10km on a run – I felt like I could say I was a runner.


What would be on your list?

Mesa ball in mouth



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