School Days Daze

It’s just a few days in and I’m already sad the school year has started.

Unlike so many moms (and some dads) I did not experience the urge to send my kids back to school a few weeks ago. I did not frantically search for openings in summer camps just to get them out of the house.

Instead, I scrambled to find fun things to do with my girls in those last blissfully free days. I worried I hadn’t helped create enough special summer memories. I waited to hear them tell me this had been the Best. Summer. Ever.

My girls spent time with their dad early in the summer and then they were pretty much mine except for every other weekend. Peaceful were the mornings spent lounging in our pjs. Plentiful were the outings with just the three of us and rare were the moments when I wished I had a breather. Before you roll your eyes and think bad thoughts about me, let me tell you there WERE those moments but even I was shocked by how seldom I felt that way.

We spent a few days at the lake swimming and tubing. We had sleepovers with friends and two visits to Chick-Fil-A (the novelty hasn’t worn off yet). There were swim practices and meets and dance hours to fulfill. I felt like we were really busy and then, happily, some days we weren’t.

The school year started to sneak up on us thanks to school supplies showing up in the stores and commercials showing off back-to-school fashions. It was early August when my eldest, afraid of glue sticks and notebooks selling out, asked to go supply shopping. We’ve always loved doing that so it felt like another fun summer activity.

Two weeks ago we made a trip to the middle school to check out the locker situation and get a new PE uniform (I swear she grew an inch just over the summer). We went shopping for new clothes and shoes and I laughed to myself that both my girls are now out of the children’s department. Awesome.

Finally, there was just one day left to ourselves before the girls were to spend the last weekend of summer break with their dad. Three days of glorious weather, too. They each chose a friend, I chose the lake and we spent several hours jumping off the dock, taking pictures, eating fried chicken (yup, the kind out of the bucket) and introducing one kid to her first ever McFlurry. My apologies to her mom.

Monday showed up and we went to Meet The Teacher at the elementary school. New teacher, no friends in class. “Yay!” said no kid ever. We did our best to distract her with pizza and a movie night. And as I sent them upstairs to get ready for bed and the early morning to follow, I heard Big Sis say to Little “This was the best summer ever.” followed by ” I KNOW!”.

Though still not ready for it to be over, I had to agree with them. And I went to bed happy.

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One thought on “School Days Daze

  1. C.K. September 10, 2015 / 8:52 am

    Love this picture!

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