Saturday Night Nails

I rarely never do my nails.  I’m a SAHM and with kids and a dog.  I like gardening and cleaning, so I rarely give my nails a second thought.  That’s not to say I don’t do pedicures – I LOVE pedis!!
But back to my nails…  I have nail envy when I see nails like this:


So, with the kids in bed and the hubby out, I thought I’d give myself a manicure.  These polishes are at least a year old.  At least.  Since then, I’ve heard about better products for the environment and me.

See this list?  I want to start using better for me polishes.
But, in the meantime I decided to use these old products to see if I liked the result.

Guess what?  I like it!  This grey (Essie Cocktail Bling) goes well with my sweater (thanks, sis).

What a surprise! 😉

What did you do on Saturday night?

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