Bits and Pieces

I have had no trouble shopping lately…but I have had plenty of trouble with actually buying anything.

Thought this label described everything that was going on that day: the weather, my mood, my outfit etc…I did NOT purchase this sweater for fear of contributing to my already existent grey problem. 
Then I came across this article in InStyle that I was way behind in reading. I get seriously giddy over neutrals, not just grey. We’re just a few days away from Spring so this is not super helpful right now. I’m obsessing over the Rag & Bone coat. Will sock this article away til next year.

Found this totes adorbs (thank you, daughters, for this hip, descriptive text) makeup bag at Sephora and didn’t buy it. Now I can’t find it and I’m kicking myself. I snooze, I lose.

Of All Places!

So I’m wandering aimlessly through my local Marshalls…after having wandered aimlessly through my local Home Goods when I saw this

So funny to see a shirt representing my hometown hockey team in my current city that doesn’t even have an NHL team.

But not so funny that I had to have it.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

A certain  ice-themed Disney movie features what should be my theme song. Let. It. Go. Seriously. Let it go.

I have had this Gap sweater for a long time. Years, in fact. So many years. I can’t even remember when I bought it. It’s been so long that I think I saw a character on One Tree Hill wearing it. No, I wasn’t watching the show myself. I happened to peek in on my daughter binge-watching over Christmas break.

I got a lot of wear out of this sweater. I wore it to work with a  scarf and with jeans…and a scarf. Mad props to Gap for making a sweater so durable. Up until the last couple of weeks and the last couple of wears, I thought it still looked pretty good. But I was wrong. It looks like I’ve had it and worn it as long and as many times as I have. Adios, Gap sweater!

Go back now almost 6 1/2 years. I’ve just turned 40 and I’m meeting one of my closest friends in New York for a few days of shopping and dining (and stalking Matt Lauer on the plaza).

Why shouldn’t I try the new trend? Why shouldn’t I wear boyfriend jeans from Levis? I’ll tell you why. Because the first boyfriend jeans were not cut for girls with bigger butts and thighs. But I talked myself into them and off I went. Big mistake. Huge. And, yes, that’s a quote from Pretty Woman, a movie my sis and I love and still quote regularly from.

So, since I am not currently starting a museum for things I’ve worn and shouldn’t have I am also bidding these jeans adieu.

It’s a new year, after all. Shouldn’t I try something new?

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School Days Daze

It’s just a few days in and I’m already sad the school year has started.

Unlike so many moms (and some dads) I did not experience the urge to send my kids back to school a few weeks ago. I did not frantically search for openings in summer camps just to get them out of the house.

Instead, I scrambled to find fun things to do with my girls in those last blissfully free days. I worried I hadn’t helped create enough special summer memories. I waited to hear them tell me this had been the Best. Summer. Ever.

My girls spent time with their dad early in the summer and then they were pretty much mine except for every other weekend. Peaceful were the mornings spent lounging in our pjs. Plentiful were the outings with just the three of us and rare were the moments when I wished I had a breather. Before you roll your eyes and think bad thoughts about me, let me tell you there WERE those moments but even I was shocked by how seldom I felt that way.

We spent a few days at the lake swimming and tubing. We had sleepovers with friends and two visits to Chick-Fil-A (the novelty hasn’t worn off yet). There were swim practices and meets and dance hours to fulfill. I felt like we were really busy and then, happily, some days we weren’t.

The school year started to sneak up on us thanks to school supplies showing up in the stores and commercials showing off back-to-school fashions. It was early August when my eldest, afraid of glue sticks and notebooks selling out, asked to go supply shopping. We’ve always loved doing that so it felt like another fun summer activity.

Two weeks ago we made a trip to the middle school to check out the locker situation and get a new PE uniform (I swear she grew an inch just over the summer). We went shopping for new clothes and shoes and I laughed to myself that both my girls are now out of the children’s department. Awesome.

Finally, there was just one day left to ourselves before the girls were to spend the last weekend of summer break with their dad. Three days of glorious weather, too. They each chose a friend, I chose the lake and we spent several hours jumping off the dock, taking pictures, eating fried chicken (yup, the kind out of the bucket) and introducing one kid to her first ever McFlurry. My apologies to her mom.

Monday showed up and we went to Meet The Teacher at the elementary school. New teacher, no friends in class. “Yay!” said no kid ever. We did our best to distract her with pizza and a movie night. And as I sent them upstairs to get ready for bed and the early morning to follow, I heard Big Sis say to Little “This was the best summer ever.” followed by ” I KNOW!”.

Though still not ready for it to be over, I had to agree with them. And I went to bed happy.

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Happy Nordstrom Anniversary to Me!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has come and gone.   It’s only the beginning of August in what has been an unusually hot summer and there goes Nordstrom, getting us all excited about Fall clothes. I know I’m not alone in the fact that I LOVE boots and sweaters.

To that end, I bought this Vince sweater/coat.

Then, please take note of the marsala and grey sweater (also note me using the Pantone color name). This is Vince, too.


Finally, though I came home with three pairs of boots (got a little excited before shaking some sense into myself), these are the ones that I look forward to wearing the most.


It’s a little cooler today but not cool enough. Until it is, it’s back to flip flops. Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer!

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My sis and her cute camo pic got me searching for my own camo pants. They aren’t easy to find!

First try:  

Not cute on me at all.

Found these at a local boutique. A little low-waisted for me and my muffin-top but with a loose shirt over the waistband they’re ok.  

Picture doesn’t show much of the pattern but they are a dark camo and elasticized at the ankle, not the waist, though that would be helpful…

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Where I Went and What I Wore

Hub and I recently returned from a belated honeymoon in Bora Bora. If you’ve been you know that you can’t describe it in words or photos because it’s even better in person. Coming from Seattle, it’s a long way to go for six nights and I do not recommend drinking a bottle of wine before boarding the 8+ hour flight but that’s another story.

Chronic over-packers, we both decided to lay out our suitcases a week before departure and get started in hopes of avoiding our usual night before/morning of frantic routine of tossing things (too many things) in our bags and rushing out the door. What is it they say about best laid plans? So, needless to say we had to make a quick trip to Nordstrom just 7 hours before our plane was leaving and managed to get what we needed (wanted?) and get out…and did I mention my husband took advantage of 1-hour alterations? We crushed it. Before the packing began, however, I bought these cute mesh bags I found at Marshall’s.

These, along with some others I already owned, would be the key to my organization for this trip! Swimwear in one, underwear in another and things like phone and camera chargers went in the smaller ones My sister and I bought cute matching sun hats in Chelan, WA several years ago and though I still like it, the weave lets a lot of sun through and I am actively trying to fight the signs of aging so I  went in search of other options. I found this one at REI  

My head seems to be a little larger than average but this one fit perfectly. I’m also happy to report I wore it almost constantly during the day and my melasma stayed mostly at bay. I was sadly lacking in cute dresses until  my adorable salesperson, Albert, at Nordstrom brought me this one by Maison Scotch. LOVED it and felt good in it. Digging the tropical floral vibe. AND it has pockets.   

Another cute little item I picked up was a jumpsuit that I also found at Nordstrom. Sooo not my usual style but thought it might work for dinner around the resort. I was RIGHT! It worked so well I wore it for two dinners. The price was something like $68 which was outstanding. The brand is Roxy which I usually think of as a teenager or thirty-something-with-a-great-body brand but I’m neither and it worked.  

Finally, I invested in a pair of Tory Burch sandals/flip flops. My beloved Havaianas didn’t quite look right with my new purchases. Love these. Not much to them, in fact nothing in the way of support, but comfy.  

It’s been a month since we returned and I’m really looking for opportunities to wear my vacation clothes.

Would love to know what everyone has picked up for their holiday wardrobes!

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Say No to Lulu.

Had a great chat with my sister yesterday and, of course, the contents of our closets and how much we dislike said contents came up. My sister makes an effort to get “dressed” every day. Every day. She said she only owns one pair of Lululemon pants and rarely wears them. She’s my hero. Sometimes I’m lazy and throw on workout wear without working out. But when I make the effort and get “dressed” I feel so much cuter and just as comfortable.

Go figure. So, after our chat and after walking the dog in (gasp!) Lululemons I got dressed.

My AG skinny jeans, Stuart Weitzman booties and Paige Denim shirt.

Easy, comfy and no workout needed.

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