An Easy Girls Room Update

When we moved back into our house after the renovation, my daughter was just two.  So, she really didn’t have a say in how her room was decorated.  She received her big girl bed from her brother and I bought a dresser to match.  Yes, I said match – please don’t hate me!

I asked a designer friend for a suggestion on a pink for the walls. She recommended Benjamin Moore’s Fairest Pink Magnolia.  It turned out to be a lovely shade of pink and complemented nicely with the dark brown furniture.  After painting the room,  I found the rest of the decor:

  • pink and white checked bedding from Ikea
  •  an oversized piece of art from Craigslist
  • an inexpensive drum shade from Home Depot
  • wall art from Umbra

And voilà, we had a sweet little girl’s room.


Fast forward five years and this little girl has a lot more stuffies, books and ideas of her own.  She asked if we could refresh (my word, not hers) her room.  Sure!  I was all for it.  I told her we needed to start with new bedding and we could pick a wall colour after that.  A quick trip to Homesense (TJ Maxx or HomeGoods for our American readers) and we found our inspiration!  First up was the heart shaped pillow that she just had to have.  Then, lucky for us, we found a quilt and pillow set in blues, pinks and more – complete with little Eiffel Towers. Done!

We took our bedding to Benjamin Moore and chose a paint called Slightly Teal.  It was quite strong when I tested it on the walls, so I ordered it at half strength and it was more subtle.  We cleaned the Umbra flowers off the wall and I painted the room while she was at school one day.   After that, we moved the furniture just a bit, made the bed and re-hung the big art piece we already had.  It wasn’t easy figuring out how to centre it with the bed and dresser at different heights. So, I kept it centred over the dresser and will find something else to put over her bed to balance it out.

Part of the refresh was decluttering; we gave away a few stuffies, recycled some old art work, and broken toys went into the garbage.  Clearing out really made a difference.


We both love the new bedding and wall colour.  It does complement well with dark wood tones and because the bedding isn’t too little girl, she could probably keep it for the next 3-5 years.

We also tidied up the other side of her room, but I’ll share that at a later date when I’ve hung all the artwork.

It was such a quick and easy to update her space.  Her room now feels fresh and new and she loves it.  Isn’t that all that counts?

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5 things I always buy at Ikea

I haven’t been to Ikea in about six months and yet, within the past three weeks, I have shopped there three times.  Go figure.

Just like at Costco, there are a few staples that I usually buy at Ikea.  They are always in good supply and the price is always right!

Clockwise from top right:

  1. Toilet brush cleaner/holder – it’s only $1 and it gets the job done.  Enough said.
  2. Kitchen dish scrub brush – again it’s about $1, comes in 3 colours and lasts a pretty long time.
  3. Ribba frames – these vary in size and price, and come with a mat.  These frames are frequently used for gallery walls in many of the magazines I read.
  4. Roll of paper – found in the children’s section.  It’s about $5 and we use it for colouring, drawing, making signs, table runners, etc.
  5. Fantastisk napkins – they are fantastic.  Cost is about $3 and I usually buy the standard white, but they often have seasonal colours and a few patterned ones throughout the year.

Obviously, my shopping cart is filled with more than these five items anytime I go to my favourite Swedish home store.  Am I missing anything?  What do you buy when you go to Ikea?

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Fun Finds – Home edition

Since the demise of Target here in Canada, I’ve had to look elsewhere for my home decor inspiration.  I’m always heading back to Superstore (Loblaw’s), Winners, HomeSense and Marshall’s and here are a few of my recent finds:

These towels say it all!
These towels say it all!

Where could I put this great Union Jack pillow?

Outdoor dishes and glasses in my favourite shade of blue and those fake topiaries are pretty cute, too!

These woven baskets felt really sturdy and came in several different shapes and sizes.

This fun rug would be great at the front door during Summer.
This fun rug would be great at the front door during Summer.

I have a friend who would like to live in Paris and would love this pillow.
I have a friend who would like to live in Paris and would love this pillow.

These cute little storage drawers would be perfect for all the small lego accessories and mini figs in our house.
Hope you enjoyed my roundup of fun finds – home edition.

Friday’s Fun Finds

Hello! I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve started and stopped a few posts with the intention of getting back to it later…

So, instead of a wordy post, I thought I would just post pictures of fun things I have found recently.

This blue cart from Ikea is the best. I would buy it, if I just knew where to put it.


Also at IKEA, were grey pillows!! Many shades of grey! I’m sure I could find a bed or couch in the house that needs a new pillow, couldn’t I?


This rocket style desk light would be cool in any kid’s room.


My next stop was my local upscale dollar store where I saw these great plaid stockings for only $7 each!!


Last but not least, are these owls. I’m seeing owls everywhere and these two might have to make it into my Christmas decor this year.




Hope you also have some fun finds this week!

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Colour Me Happy ?

We have all heard how colour (or color for our American readers) can influence your life.  There are books, articles and many theories about the psychology of colour.  Red in the dining room, lavender or pale colours in a bedroom and yellow for energy are all supposed to help us eat, sleep and live better lives.

I found this graphic on Pinterest and unfortunately, I cannot find the original source.  If you know it, please pass it along to me.

Immediately, I looked at the meaning of the colour grey (or gray) and I wasn’t surprised by what I saw.



The positives of grey are reliable, solid and intelligent.  The cons were gloomy, sad and conservative.  All true, dontcha think?  When we first started this blog it was because we were feeling sad and gloomy from wearing grey or gray all Fall and Winter.  Another one of my fav colours is turquoise, but I was surprised when it showed one of the negatives of the colour as envy.  Too close to green, I guess.  Tan/Beige have similar characteristics to grey, so I’ll try and stay away from those shades.   The colours of silver, gold and white only show positives, so maybe I should wear more of those?

After searching around, I saw this info graphic about the colour of your door.



My door is black and I have a couple, but not all of the strengths of a black door owner.  Those of you with grey doors are solid, calm, cool and collected.

Sounds like it is better to have a grey door than a grey wardrobe.  At least I’m doing something right.  😉

Have fun checking your colours!

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Bedtime Tables

Now I lay me down to sleep and I look beside me.  What do I see?   A little night table with an assortment of items crowded onto it.  As I look at these items, I realize there are some that I use and some that I have not touched in a long time.

I have seen a few magazines and Pinterest sites that show how to style a bedside table.  They look beautiful with flowers, a water jug and no clutter.  Like this:

Bedside table styling from House & Home
Bedside table styling from House & Home


This week, the Monday Listicles wants to know what is on our night tables.  So once again, I’m sharing this list with my sister and here is what you will find beside her bed:

Sister’s Table:

  • stack of magazines
  • clock
  • lamp
  • tiny figure of Ray, a character from The Princess and The Frog (gift from youngest daughter)
  • framed photo of future hub and dog
  • dust



My Table:

  • Books
  • Clock radio (does anyone still use these?)
  • Reading glasses
  • Lamp
  • Hand & foot cream
  • Bowl with misc small things



According to experts, your night table should not be cluttered or have items on it that might cause you stress and disrupt your sleep.  Good Feng Shui design says that night tables bring balance and security to a room and should be in symmetry with both sides of the bed.

Well, all this good information might explain why I often have restless nights.  Maybe, I’ll clear it off and see if I sleep any better.

Sweet Dreams!


Friday’s Fun Finds

Last week, I got the opportunity for my second visit to a Canadian Target.  You may not believe this, but I was actually giddy at the thought of spending 2 hours by myself in the store.

I found quite a few things in a very short period of time. I brought home a couple things, but left most in the store. Want to see what I found?

As I wandered down the aisle with clocks and wall hangings, these pieces caught my eye:


The above piece would be great in my son’s room, but there isn’t enough wall space.  Maybe in the basement playroom?


This wall art was only $5 on sale!  The blue and beige colours caught my eye as those are the colours in my home.  It came home with me, but I haven’t hung it up yet.

From that aisle, I headed to the furniture section and found this beautiful stool:


I thought it was so elegant and yet practical.  The lilac cushion wouldn’t work in my house, but it could easily be recovered.

Then I saw this stool and would like to put it in my family room, but again, I don’t think I have room for it.


Around the corner, this very cool bar cart was waiting for me!


I have seen these carts in a lot of magazines and blogs lately and would like to have one.  I think I could place it in my living room, but again, I don’t think I really have the room.

The main floor of our home is very open plan and with a lot of windows.  This means that we don’t have a lot of wall space to place things against or to hang art.  So, I need to be pretty careful with what I buy.  I am still thinking of a space where I could use this cart, though.

This basket also has that blue-grey that I like so much.


It was large enough to hold toys or gloves and hats.  I didn’t buy this one, but I did get a smaller one in the same pattern to put on our console table in the hallway.

My two hours were cut short as I had to pick up my son from a party, but I think I did quite well with my finds in such a short time.

I’m glad Target is in Canada and looking forward to my next reason excuse to go there. I just might need that bar cart, and those stools, and that basket…

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Open Sesame!

Almost three years ago, we started a major reno/gut job on our 1940s style bungalow.  It took about eight months to complete and we moved back to our house in November 2011.  I’ll do a post on the whole fun (yes, fun) process another time, but today I want to tell you about a recent change we made and two lessons I learned.

When we started our project, we had a specific budget in mind to get the interior layout and exterior 100% right.  We figured we could always change some finishings, colours, and add mouldings later on.  So, knowing that we had a budget, we went with bi-fold doors in a classic shaker style for most of our closets.  Bi-fold doors are relatively inexpensive, open wide and come in a variety of styles to suit your home.  Bi-fold doors often fall off their track if not installed properly or are used a lot by kids opening and closing and opening and closing many times a day.


So, after 20 months the bi-fold doors in our main entryway were starting to look tired.  I also realized that I could use some extra storage for my hats and scarves.  After a quick discussion with my husband, he agreed to make the change.  Within a couple weeks, the existing bi-fold doors had been sold on Craigslist ( and the new fixed closet doors were installed.  I found these hooks at Canadian Tire and installed one on the inside of each new door.


Have you heard the saying, “measure twice, cut once”?   Well, I didn’t measure quite well enough the first time and with my drill, I put two little bumps in my new doors like this:


Aargh!!  It was frustrating, but easy enough to sand them down, fill them and repaint.  Lesson learned – measure twice!!

So, here is my final reveal of my closet door interior and exterior:



When I look at the before and after picture, I realized those tiny little handles didn’t do much to the appearance of the doors.  Our entry way is a pretty big space and I think the new doors and handles better suit the space.   In hindsight, we should have installed these types of doors instead of bi-fold originally.  The cost difference isn’t that much more and it is easier than having the contractor come back to do a small job like this.  I read enough home design magazines that I should have know this 🙂

What did I learn from this?

  • Sometimes it makes sense to spend just a little more in the beginning to get the right product
  • Measure twice

I am now seriously thinking about changing a few more of my bi-fold doors…why didn’t I do this sooner ?!  Is there anything you wish you had done during your reno ?  Let me know – maybe I will need to change something else!

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Pinned & Tried – home

This is the home edition of Pinned & Tried.  As I have mentioned several times before in this blog, I love to pin!  Every night when the kids go to bed, I grab a iPad and do a few minutes hours of harmless pinning.

Months ago, I saw a pin of a farmhouse style of cabinet that was being used as linen storage in a bathroom.  I pinned it and immediately wanted something similar.  More pins would follow but I had yet to find my cabinet.  Here’s what I was looking for:



I was scouring craigslist regularly obsessively, but could not find my cabinet.  There was a close call about 2 months ago, but I was too late.

So, what to my wondering eyes should appear last week, but a craigslist ad with my cabinet in my neighbourhood at a fantastic price!  I quickly made contact with the seller and then sent my husband off to measure it up and provide a deposit.  Within 24 short hours, it was mine!

With a little help from me, the neighbour and our friendly plumbers (who happened to be at the house), we got the beast cabinet up two flights of stairs and into the kids’ bathroom.

It is exactly what I wanted to fill a niche behind the door.  I’ve started filling it up, but now realize the towels look a little sad and I could use a few more accessories to make it a fun beachy style bathroom for the kids.


But overall, I am really happy and this is one successful edition of Pinned & Tried – Home Edition!

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Pinterest inspired Mudroom

It’s December 1st!!!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a mudroom.  Romantic, eh?   Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, but mudrooms are definitely an up and coming room in the house.

We park on the street and use our front door as our main entry and our mudroom space is located at the back of the house.  The basement door isn’t the most convenient door to use, but I didn’t want to waste the space.  I figured we could try and train ourselves to use this door when it is rainy or snowy.

Based on those thoughts and a few pictures from Pinterest, I convinced my husband to finish off the space into a mudroom.  He took on the project quite willingly using my ideas.  Here are my Pinterest inspirations:


source: restyled home


source:a life’s design

I wasn’t asking for a lot, just a simple mudroom with wainscotting, a shelf and hooks.  So after a quick trip to Home Depot, we had everything we needed.

He started by installing the wainscotting above the existing baseboard.  The wainscotting comes in easy to install pieces and with some measuring, cutting and a few nails, it was up.   Next to do was the shelf.  We realized that our walls weren’t perfectly straight or flush, so there was a little jiggling of the shelf to make it even.  When everything was painted white, we didn’t notice the gaps or extra shims that had to be used.

The last detail was the hooks.  We decided to go with simple black hooks from Canadian Tire that have a little bronze rubbing on them.


This is a mudroom that won’t be used daily, so we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it.  Our total cost for the breadboard wainscotting, hooks, wood for the shelf and brackets was about $350.  We already had the Simply White paint from Benjamin Moore, so we saved money there.

In an early post, I told you about our quick bench project.  That bench fits perfectly into the space, along with our hockey gear, bike helmets, etc.

And what does our mudroom look like?


We are really happy with how it turned out.   Although, we haven’t used it to drop our muddy boots and wet coats yet, it is a great place to store stinky hockey gear.  And that is reason enough to have a mudroom in the basement of the house!

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