Pinned & Tried – Gift

This is the last week of school for those of us in Canada and it’s time to reward those hardworking teachers!

A quick look at Pinterest and you can find all sorts of great end of year gift ideas for your teacher.  The one that caught my eye was this:

end of year gift idea in a cup

So, I modified it a little and filled it with sunscreen, lemonade, lip balm and a gift card to the local mall and here is my result:

end of year teacher gift in a cup

I’m not a teacher, but I think they will love a gift like this.  A little personal, practical and fun.

What a great way to end the school year; with a successful Pinned & Tried!

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Top 5 pins

As you know, I am a huge Pinterest fan.  So, I thought I would round out 2014 with some of the top pins from our 50 Days of No Grey Pinterest board:

  1. calm beautiful living room
    Beautiful calm living room
  2. casual outfit
    Casual easy to wear outfit
  3. Fall outfit, plaid
    Easy Fall outfit
  4. family room
    Love the light in this living and family room space
  5. hockey puck gift
    Hockey Puck gift idea

Hope you have liked this roundup. Follow us: 

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I’ll never forget…

It’s Wednesday and we are just getting around to posting this week’s Monday Listicle.   Our assignment ?  A list of 10 things you will never forget.

Wow – that is a big topic to just put into a few lines, but with my sister’s help, we have narrowed it down to five each and here we go:

Sister’s List (in her words):

  1. The day I found out my ex-husband was cheating on me. (is that too
    heavy for this list…haha?)
  2. The days each of my two daughters was born.
  3. Meeting the five women who would become my first friends in Seattle and
    still are today.
  4. The best laugh I shared with my new husband when we were first dating.
  5. How hard I cried the day my favorite cat died.


My List:

  1. My first trip to Europe –  with my sister when we were twenty-something and it was pretty impressive
  2. The birth of both of my kids – this is an obvious one
  3. Everything about my husband’s and my first dog – adoption, her life, death and everything in between.    Greatest. Dog. Ever.
  4. Buying my first condo at age 26.  Something most “kids” in this crazy city will never be able to do because it is so freakin’ expensive.
  5. Finally hitting 10km on a run – I felt like I could say I was a runner.


What would be on your list?

Mesa ball in mouth



Favourite Pins

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest.   I pin and pin and pin, and sometimes I actually try out my pins.

This week at the Monday Listicles, we were asked for our top 10 favourite pins.  I know its Friday and I’m a little late this week, but since I love to pin, I had to put up this list.

Joining me again for this list is my sister and here are 5 of her favourite pins:

most re-pinned of all her pins original source unavailable
Favourite flowers and the cover page for her pin board of Things that make me happy
Super easy yummy recipe that most of the family likes.
Super easy yummy recipe that most of the family likes.
Happy Place! Campbell's Resort, Lake Chelan
Happy Place!
Campbell’s Resort, Lake Chelan
Laugh out Loud!  Because we love Target!!
Laugh out Loud! Because we love Target!!

And to round out our top 10, here are 5 of my favourite pins:

Because I love all things leopard.
Because I love all things leopard.
Love this whole outfit.
Love this whole outfit.
I would love to have a basket of tulips one day!
I would love to have a basket of tulips one day!
I have made this salad many times and love it!
I have made this salad many times and love it!
One of the first kitchens I ever pinned and I still love it.
One of the first kitchens I ever pinned and I still love it.

Hope you have enjoyed these pins as much as we have.  Have a great weekend and Happy Pinning!

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Hello, Fall!

We haven’t done a Monday Listicles in a while, so when we saw this week’s topic, we couldn’t resist!

Who doesn’t love Fall ?  As I look outside my window at the sunshine and the ever changing leaves on the trees, I think it is my favourite season.

My sister and I are sharing this list and here are her top 5 favourite things about Fall:

  1. Sunny days with cool temperatures
  2. Leaves changing colour
  3. A fire in the fireplace
  4. Breaking out my sweaters and boots!
  5. Roasted squash soup

My top 5:

  1. The angle of the sun and the light it creates
  2. Clothes; plaid, boots, scarves, down jackets, vests, etc!
  3. More red wine than white
  4. Rainy days (yes, I did say that)
  5. Hockey

Hope all of you are also enjoying Fall wherever you may be!




Can’t Get Enough

This sounds like a very indulgent post, but the Monday Listicles is asking us what are the 10 things you can’t get enough of.

In no particular order, here’s my list….

  1. Dark chocolate with sea salt
  2. Wine – lately it’s been Sauvignon Blanc
  3. Listening to my kids laugh
  4. New clothes – super indulgent, but it’s definitely mood boosting
  5. The Good Wife – I wish there was a new episode every week
  6. Pasta – I could eat almost any kind every day
  7. Sunshine – We don’t get nearly enough here in Southwestern BC
  8. Jewellery – I buy a lot, but often forget to wear it
  9. Puppies – Who doesn’t love a puppy?!
  10. Vacations – preferably with a beach



Summer Lovin’

It’s that time of the week again.  Time for the Monday Listicles.  This week’s list?  10 plans for the summer.

Ready.  Set.  Go!

  1. Swim in the Kits Beach outdoor pool – hard to believe, but I have never done this.
  2. Go camping (at least two nights).
  3. Take the kids on a hike – it should be so easy to do here, but we have yet to go.
  4. Travel to the Okanagan and relax.
  5. Do nothing.
  6. Read.  Alone and with my kids.
  7. Attend my sister’s wedding.
  8. Go to a Vancouver Canadians baseball game.
  9. Visit the grizzly bears on Grouse Mountain.
  10. Sit by a pool or beach and relax.







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Bedtime Tables

Now I lay me down to sleep and I look beside me.  What do I see?   A little night table with an assortment of items crowded onto it.  As I look at these items, I realize there are some that I use and some that I have not touched in a long time.

I have seen a few magazines and Pinterest sites that show how to style a bedside table.  They look beautiful with flowers, a water jug and no clutter.  Like this:

Bedside table styling from House & Home
Bedside table styling from House & Home


This week, the Monday Listicles wants to know what is on our night tables.  So once again, I’m sharing this list with my sister and here is what you will find beside her bed:

Sister’s Table:

  • stack of magazines
  • clock
  • lamp
  • tiny figure of Ray, a character from The Princess and The Frog (gift from youngest daughter)
  • framed photo of future hub and dog
  • dust



My Table:

  • Books
  • Clock radio (does anyone still use these?)
  • Reading glasses
  • Lamp
  • Hand & foot cream
  • Bowl with misc small things



According to experts, your night table should not be cluttered or have items on it that might cause you stress and disrupt your sleep.  Good Feng Shui design says that night tables bring balance and security to a room and should be in symmetry with both sides of the bed.

Well, all this good information might explain why I often have restless nights.  Maybe, I’ll clear it off and see if I sleep any better.

Sweet Dreams!


To have, or not to have…

Are there certain things in your closet that you cannot live without?   I know I have my go to clothes (grey, anyone?). Seriously though, I think we all have some items that are our go to, and we would be lost without them.   This week’s list from the Monday Listicles is 10 must haves in your wardrobe.   I could easily come up with 10 items on my own, but I decided to share this list with my sister.

My list:

  1. Hunter Rain Boots – I live in Vancouver – need I say more ?
  2. Rag & Bone jeans – so comfortable and so worth the investment
  3. Lululemon running pants – if only they would help me run faster and longer
  4. White t-shirts – I believe you can never have too many in your closet
  5. Grey cardigan – it just goes with everything




My sister’s list:

  1. North Face long grey raincoat – living in Seattle, need I say more?
  2. Asics Gel Kayano running shoes – so at least my feet are comfortable while I run
  3. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop pants – just because
  4. AG skinny jeans – everyone needs skinny jeans that make you feel great
  5. Assorted long tank tops in grey, white, black and natural – they go with everything


unnamed 0


The 10 things we listed are basics to living where we live.  Can you imagine our must have wardrobe list if we lived in Hawaii, Greece or Icleand?  Hmm….