Pinned & Tried – Gift

This is the last week of school for those of us in Canada and it’s time to reward those hardworking teachers!

A quick look at Pinterest and you can find all sorts of great end of year gift ideas for your teacher.  The one that caught my eye was this:

end of year gift idea in a cup

So, I modified it a little and filled it with sunscreen, lemonade, lip balm and a gift card to the local mall and here is my result:

end of year teacher gift in a cup

I’m not a teacher, but I think they will love a gift like this.  A little personal, practical and fun.

What a great way to end the school year; with a successful Pinned & Tried!

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Back to School – finally!

I know you are probably reading this title and wondering, is this woman a little slow to post?   Has she just returned from a fantastic trip to Europe?  Has she completely lost track of time?

No, she hasn’t done any of those things.  She (me) has just survived the 100 Days of Summer.  Huh?

Here in British Columbia (BC), our government and teachers were unable to come to terms with their contract and thus, in June the teachers went on strike.  June 13th was suddenly our last day of school.  After 100 days and many negotiations, everyone went back to school yesterday!  And that my friends is how we ended up with 100 Days of Summer.

Today is the first full day of school and we, I’m pretty sure I speak for the entire province, are pretty darn happy!

Here’s what I wore:


Black t-shirt, army green boyfriend pants and my new fav leopard slip on runners (in the style of Vans).  I thought it was a fun and stylish way to start the new school year  –  finally!!




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Blue Skies Ahead

This no grey challenge is particularly hard for me this year.  I can’t explain why, but it just is.  Most of my shirts and tees are grey and the weather here is still quite cool, so I don’t feel like the summer t-shirts are ready to come out of storage.

Here is a typical outfit of the past few weeks:



Grey cargo pants, grey shirt, black and white cardigan, boots and a scarf.  It looks good together, but it’s 50 many shades of grey.

That said, there was a little brightness over the weekend.  A quick overnight trip to the Seattle area got me this t-shirt:




Isn’t that a pretty green-blue colour?  It’s by Maison Jules and apparently a store favourite.

The kitchen also got a pick me up with this tea towel from Target:


Isn’t it fun?   It was only $2 and such a nice pop of colour for the kitchen.

Back to the no grey challenge and I would have to say that my progress to date has been sad.  Not quite a failure, but no passing grade.  At least two days per week, I am not wearing grey and I feel pretty put together.  But the rest of the week…blah, blah, blah.

Oh well, not to worry.  I feel that blue skies are definitely coming my way.



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Twas the Night Before First Day


Twas the Night Before First Day




Twas the night before first day and all through my head

Not a backpack was packed, not a new form was read.

The children were grumpy and hyper and tired

Too many Diet Cokes and I felt totally wired.


The clothes were laid out with shocking good care

With socks for their feet and bows for their hair.

With kids in their jammies and I dressed in mine

I convinced us all the first day would be fine.


When out in the yard there came a loud scream!

Time for summer tradition – go for ice cream!

Away in the car we drove in a flash

To Baskin Robbins I handed my cash.


Back home we arrived and got ready for bed.

I ran the to-do list around in my head.

With reading done and kisses doled out

I headed downstairs to figure it out.


I folded the laundry and ironed the clothes.

Had to have it all done before they arose.

Paperwork done and lunches in bags

No missing snacks and no kid in rags.


We all had a good time in this summer so great.

School came so fast when I wished it would wait.

But the new year is here and tomorrow we’ll part

And get the school year off to a wonderful start!

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Last Day!!

It is pouring rain as I type this.  It is June 27th and it is pouring rain!  Today happens to be the last day of school for most of us living in British Columbia!  Where did the past 10 months go?!  Back in September when my son was starting grade one, the summer seemed oh so far away. But here it is!

Although, I am excited at the thought of not making lunch and racing out the door at 9am, I am also a little afraid.

I’m a little afraid of all the time we will be spending together.  I’m afraid, the kids will squabble more, I’m afraid I won’t have enough playdates, or fun things to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so ready for the change in routine.  But, I’m just a little afraid.

But there is still one last lunch to make and rain boots to find.  So, I had better get to it!

Back to School ?

While most families are eagerly anticipating the end of school next week, these ladies have something to really celebrate.  Check out this article from the Vancouver Sun, High School Seniors Graduate

I. Love. This. Story.

How cool that these three women over the age of 75 have graduated with their high school diplomas ?

So when you think to yourself that you are too old to try something, think again!!