$10 at Target

Well, I guess I should clarify this.  I spent 10 euros at Monoprix.   What’s Monoprix you ask?  Well, I had been told that Monoprix was the French version of Target.  It’s a French department store that is all over the country.  It looks like this:



I recently returned from a trip to Europe and while I was there, I was more than excited to check out this chain.  But I have to say I was a little dismayed by the two stores I went into.  The store I visited in Paris was small, had a food market on the lower level and women’s clothes and accessories on the main floor.  The clothing section had some good deals, but it was a mess and I really didn’t see anything worth trying on.  #disappointed

The second store was much larger, but I had only a few minutes to get what I needed.  And what was that, you ask?



We had forgotten our nail tools at home, so I needed to get an extra set.  These two items totalled €10.  I’m not sure about you, but it seemed like a lot to me.

So, although I didn’t get to really experience the French Target, I got the feeling it did not have the deals and selection that the real Target has.  Did I mention I’m still sad that Target left Canada?

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If the sandal fits…

My need for shoes has not stopped. Yes, I’m going on a trip and I’ll need some sandals, but it’s also the season of sandals.

So, I’ve been out shopping and this is what I’ve found:

I was excited to try this pair on.  They have a thicker sole and are made of leather, but they were totally uncomfortable. The heel area is slightly moulded and my foot didn’t fit the mould.  #sosad



My local Marshall’s had Kate Spade for under $100.  Sure, they have a little bling, but they are KATE SPADE!!  I didn’t buy them, but a few other women had them in their carts.



Also at Marshall’s was this pair. Fringe is totally on trend right now.  Not sure how I feel about this sandal, but I’m guessing it was pretty popular at Coachella.  #justsaying




If you have plenty of time to put this shoe on, then the gladiator sandal is the one for you.  Strap it and wrap it.  This particular brand was unfamiliar to me, but it had a soft flexible sole and would probably be fairly comfortable for strolling around.  #cutebutnotforme




Now, I have to ask, but who would buy a Valentino at Marshall’s?  Second question, who would pay $800 for a sandal at Marshall’s?  I get that it’s the place for designers at a better price, but if I had $800 for shoes, I wouldn’t be buying sandals at Marshall’s.  Would you?




This is the pair I bought at DSW back in February.  They are pretty comfortable and that colour goes with everything.


My newest purchase is this pair of Matt and Nat sandals.  They are flexible, the sole has a slight cushion and since they are ec0-friendly and vegan, they are pretty easy to wear.  I haven’t ventured too far in them, so not sure if they are comfortable enough to make it on my trip.  #butyouneverknow



Have you found any summer sandals yet?  I’m always looking, so feel free to share any finds with me.

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A Second Fix

A couple weeks ago I decided I needed another fix… another Stitch Fix, that is.

So, I hopped online and secured my delivery date for this highly addictive service. This time, however, I requested my stylist add a couple short sleeved blouses to the mix.

As promised, the box arrived on schedule and as before I ripped into it, excited to see what she’d picked for me.

Putting aside the fact that I’d put in my profile that I didn’t need shoes, I could admit these Seavees were cute. However, they felt kind of frumpy on and were too small to boot. Moving on!

I didn’t like the feel of the fabric when I took the first blouse out of the box but the color was bright and interesting so I slipped it on.

The style was cute and while you can’t see it, there were three little buttons up the back seam of this top. Three negatives however:

1. Like I mentioned, The fabric didn’t feel good and had so much static in it I felt like I was wrapped in plastic wrap.

2. The buttons up the front gaped a little bit.
3. Who am I kidding? I’m never going to wear that color!

If you knew me you would know why the next top I tried was also a reject. But you don’t really know me so suffice to say that I don’t wear a lot of patterns.

The fabric on this one also wasn’t quite right. I sound like one of those bears from the Goldilocks story.

Next up a super cute looking black lace overlay short-sleeved blouse. This one would have been a winner except that it puckered on the shoulders where the lace overlay is attached to the cami underneath.

Zero for three in the top department but the jeans in the box looked and felt good before I even put them on!

DL1961 skinnies in a fantastic stretchy denim.

These fit like a dream! Super comfy with a just-right waistline (not too high, not too low). Round two of trying on my Fix was complete and like round one, I kept just one piece.

I packed everything else up in the prepaid envelope and checked out online which is a feature I love. I added a note to my stylist during the checkout process and that was it.

This service is so fun even if I got my Fix and am still topless. Wink, wink.

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Pinned & Tried – Beauty

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a beauty pinned and tried, but there’s always a first time, isn’t there?

A few weeks ago, I read this post on South by Northwest and this diy particular beauty hack caught my eye.

I’m blond, with highlights and a few grey hairs.  I try not to wash my hair too many times a week and I’m lucky my hair doesn’t get too oily or greasy.

On days when I don’t have time to wash my hair, I use a few sprays of this Kevin Murphy dry shampoo


It works well and smells great.  It’s a little expensive, but since I use it infrequently it lasts a long, long time.


So, when I read about a diy dry shampoo, I knew I had to give it a try.  There were only 3 ingredients; cornstarch, cinnamon and a few drops of an essential oil (I used lavender).  I used a clean little jar and here’s what it looked like when I mixed it up.


I had an extra make up brush (yes, I cleaned it first) to dab on the mixture and I’m happy to say it worked!  It blended quite well, smelled just fine and it worked!  I’m not 100% sure that I will give up the regular dry shampoo just yet, but I’m glad I found a natural solution that I can make at home and use frequently.

All in all, I would call this one successful Pinned & Tried Beauty Hack!

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Just 2 things

You know those days when you put on your clothes and you’re feeling blah?  The clothes look fine (or maybe they don’t), but you just aren’t feeling it?

Then there are the days where you feel like you have kicked it up a notch (thanks, Emeril). You know those days, right?

Well, there are two pieces in my wardrobe that make me feel pretty good or even cool when I wear them.  It’s my faux leather jacket and my animal print slip ons.

A couple of years ago, I was shopping with friends and they were hot on buying a leather or faux leather jacket.  I didn’t realize they were back in style. Not surprising as I am usually late to any fashion party 😉   When I saw the moto style jacket on them, I thought hmmm, maybe this is a trend I should jump on. So, I jumped and found myself this faux moto style jacket at Winners (the Canadian version of Marshalls).  I honestly wasn’t sure how often I would wear it, so I thought I’d test the waters before I invested the big bucks into a real leather jacket.  It was less than $50, so how could I refuse it?  Here we are two years later and I still have it.  I don’t wear it a lot, but when I do?  I feel pretty darn good in it.

My second feel good item?  The animal print shoes.  They are another purchase from Winners.  Steve Madden has made these easy to wear, comfortable and fashionable shoes and I absolutely love them.  They might just be my favourite pair.


It’s hard to believe that just these two pieces can change how I feel.  Do you have something in your closet that you absolutely love?  I’m curious to know what it is.

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Getting a Fix

This sounded like my dream come true since I’ve become the reluctant shopper (husband’s nickname for me). Have you heard the commercials and seen the Facebook ads for Stitch Fix?

To break it down, you go online, create a profile, answer some questions regarding your personal style and preferences and hit the save button. You choose a date to receive your “Fix” and then a mystery stylist sends you a box of goodies she has selected for you based on your profile.

The box arrives like this and includes a card with photos and styling tips and a prepaid envelope for returns.

I opened it up, very curious to see what my stylist had chosen. It it were two cami/tank-styled tops, a pair of boyfriend jeans, gray jogger pants and a floral dress.

It was easy to see why she had sent me the pieces she had based on the profile I had created. I live in boyfriend jeans and tanks with sweaters or jackets. That being said, I didn’t need another pair of said jeans so I knew I wasn’t going to keep those. The jogger pants would be easy to style with the suggestions she sent me and I was thisclose to keeping those except they made my butt look a little bigger than I prefer so I added those to the return pile as well.

The grayish/greenish tank had a crocheted panel at the top which was cute but the fabric felt like it would pill after a couple wears so that was a no. Also cute was the black overlay tank. The problem was that in my profile I had specified that I liked things to fit looser around the middle and this was too loose. Almost maternity looking. Out.

Finally there was the dress. I don’t wear a lot of dresses but since I was trying things on…




It’s a keeper, I think! Kinda cute, lightweight and comfortable. So 1 out of 5 ain’t bad for a first go. The styling card suggested this dress with a denim jacket, which wasn’t in the box. Guess this reluctant shopper needs to go shopping.

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Sorry, girls :(

Nothing better than a great shoe find! I made a quick trip to Nordstrom Rack in search of tees and tanks for my girls yesterday.

Sadly, they still have nothing to wear in this record heat we are experiencing in Seattle right now but I found some great shoes for myself!

I just happened to glance down the shoe aisle on the way to the kid’s section and these practically jumped out at me!

Camo, Stuart Weitzman, half price. Need I say more?

I can always shop for the girls tomorrow…

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Too much denim?!

I never thought I would use this title as a blog post.  Denim on denim reminds me of the 80s and more specifically of my bad denim choices during those years.  Mainly, acid wash jeans and a matching jacket.  But I digress.

Although I have seen other bloggers and fashionistas post pictures of denim on denim, I knew this was a look I couldn’t pull off.   Until just a few weeks ago when I didn’t have a choice.

We arrived on the California coast after a few days in the desert.  The desert was hot and the coast was 20 degrees cooler!!   In my efforts to travel light on this trip, I figured I didn’t need a lot of layers since most of the trip was in Palm Springs. So I  wore a jean jacket on the plane with leggings (#cuteoutfit) and packed a pair of jeans.  One jacket and one pair of jeans – both denim and both not meant to be worn together.

But on the evening of day one on the coast, I was cold.  It was sunny, but cool and windy.  So as we headed out for dinner, I broke my rule of no denim on denim.

Much to my surprise, I think it worked!  The jacket was much darker than the jeans so there was contrast. #thatsagoodthing

I probably won’t do this again in the near future but I think in despite of my packing fail, I think I survived denim on denim.

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More Graphic Shirts

Is it possible that I keep finding such cute graphic tees?  I really like my sister’s new one.  She wrote about it here.

I found all of these during a trip to the mall with a friend.  She was on the hunt for a dress and I was along for the ride.  So, when I wasn’t helping her, I was finding these.


This roundup was from Old Navy, Nordstrom, The Bay, and RW & Co.

My two favs are The Happy Camper shirt that I found at Nordstrom (no surprise it’s grey) and the blue shirt with the anchor from Old Navy.  I’m sad to say that I didn’t buy either of them.  Boo!

Which one would you buy?

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