Hello New Fall Clothes

hello fall

Although Fall has been here for a few weeks now, it is just starting to feel like it.  Today it is rainy and cool, but just a few days ago it was warm – really warm.

While out the other day, the temperature gauge in my car showed this:


See that?  21 degrees Celsius or that’s about 70 degrees Farenheit for those of you south of the border.  That’s pretty warm for an October day in our part of the woods.   This nice weather is making it pretty difficult to figure out what to wear.  Not cool enough for boots, but not sandal weather either.  Layering is ok, but nothing heavy – you sure don’t need wool sweaters and vests just yet.

So, speaking of nice weather, I took advantage and headed out to our new outlet mall.  Yes, we have an outdoor mall which opened back in August.  It is out by the airport and is designed to look similar to an European city, or that was the intention.

Here’s was my first view upon walking in from the parking lot:

mc arthur glen outlet mall

Then look up, way up…


Yup, that’s a plane. This outlet mall is situated pretty much right in the flight plan and the runway.  No chance of missing the plane as it is so loud!


There it goes!  I swear you could almost reach up and touch it. It felt so close!

Anyway, after I got over the awe of the spectacular plane overhead, I hit the shops.  The whole mall is not yet complete as many more shops are still set to open.  But from what I saw, I wasn’t disappointed. Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, Under Armour, J. Crew Factory, Nike just to name a few.   I actually went to get some basics for my kids and ended up with a couple of items for myself – yeah!!

You can never have too many plaid shirts, can you?

plaid shirt from Gap in burgundy, grey and white.

Aritizia carries a cardigan that I have loved forever.  It feels like a sweatshirt, is oversized and looks great.  Except on me.  I try it on every time I go to their store, but it just feels like there is too much material and it’s too big.  So, when I tried on this one at the Gap, I was pleasantly surprised that it fit and fit well.

cardigan again in burgundy. great colour for this season.

Since I only had a short time to spare, I grabbed this sweet shirts for my daughter:


Do you see a colour pattern here?  That burgundy or marsala colour is everywhere this Fall.  Well, at least in my wardrobe and my daughter’s.

Just a little update on my shopping adventures lately.  Stay tuned for next week when I finally check out the new Nordstrom!

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