Grey for Fall, Fall for Grey

It’s that time of year again!  The kids are back in school, the weather is getting a little bit cooler and I’m thinking of grey clothes. Yes, I have barely worn a stitch of grey over the past few months and I’m starting to get itchy to pull out some of my Fall grey favourites.

With the kids being out of school for the past two months, I didn’t have a lot of time to hit the shops.  But I managed a night away in the States with my husband and a girls’ trip to Whistler.  During these short trips, I was perusing the new Fall fashions every chance I got.  And what did I see?  Shades of grey – everywhere!

Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos to show you this neutral that has had serious staying power for the past few years.

First up:

this cute cute sweater from J Crew Factory. love the pineapple, don’t you?
cozy, slimmed down puffer jacket in a shiny steel grey available at TNA / Aritzia
who doesn’t need a charcoal grey draped cardigan ? find it at Joe Fresh
a long dress in a light and dark grey marble would be great with boots and a jean jacket this Fall. also at Joe Fresh
these lace up military style boots would be great with leggings and skinny jeans, wouldn’t they?
shouldn’t everyone have a grey and white plaid shirt in their wardrobe? find this one at Banana Republic

Grey for Fall, or Fall for Grey?  Either way, I can’t wait to start wearing grey again!

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4 Shades of Grey

I had an hour at the mall the other day and since I had not been in to Banana Republic in quite a long time, I decided to see what they had.  Well, wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of things to try on.


If you are thinking you are seeing shades of grey, you are correct! I have to admit, I couldn’t help myself.  All of these tops were crying out for me to try them on.  Unfortunately, only one of them made it home. Which one?

Well, this one looked better on the hanger than it did on me.  I loved this sweater, but it was too heavy and warm and I knew I would never wear it.  Lastly, the top on the far right didn’t fit me quite right.

So this one was the winner.  The zippers made it fun and it fit really well, too.

Surprisingly, it’s the first grey top I have bought in a while.  I’ve been perusing the flyers and reading the style notes in the magazines, and it looks like grey isn’t going anywhere for a while.  So, I might as well embrace it.  Are you?

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Roar ?

I snapped this picture of my daughter going to school one day.  Little did she know that animal prints are in.  She just loves Baby Jaguar from Diego and the more of this pattern she can own and wear, the better.  I personally, cannot tell the difference between a jaguar, a cheetah and a leopard.  I suspect the prints that she is wearing are not really Baby Jaguar, but one of his cat cousins.
I too, have added a little baby jaguar animal print to my wardrobe.  I ordered these shoes online from Banana Republic last Spring after finding them and not buying them in Palm Springs last Fall.   I had big time buyer’s regret and vow not to do that again.
I also own this scarf and belt:
I am limiting my animal prints to just these 3 accessories.  At my age (mid-forties), I don’t think I can quite pull off the same look my daughter can.  But I can do this:
And that is just enough baby jaguar for me!

One thing leads to another…

Today is day 22 of our challenge. Where did the past 3 weeks go?!

As of now, I am meeting my goal of not wearing grey. I think my main success comes from moving the grey shirts (I don’t have grey pants/jeans) out of my line of view and ignoring my grey cardigans (although, I think they might be lonely). Oh, and a few new purchases have also helped.

It is grey and drizzly today, but I don’t care! I’m wearing a beautiful blue sweater from Banana Republic and new Lucky jeans. And a scarf (my sister’s fav accessory). All purchased during my shopping trip last month. But I think it’s my socks that I like the best. And yes, they are grey.


Over the past few days, I have been thinking about our challenge and realizing that it’s not just about not wearing grey for 50 days. Maybe it’s more about changing habits and feeling happier and clothes just happen to be the conduit. More on these thoughts to come….

Shopping Maniac

As promised, here are the sweaters and t-shirt I bought on Friday. And they were all 40% off!
My Canadian sister is winning the challenge, I can tell you that for sure.
A little late to the game, I’m still acquiring enough items of clothing to even attempt to keep up. Her success is inspiring if not a little annoying. Just kidding…sort of.
Anyways, I think I can make it this entire work week without wearing gray. At least on top.