I finally hit Target! Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration of time, but Target has been open for about 2 months and I just went.

My love affair with Target started about 10 years ago when my sister moved into the Seattle area. Whenever I would visit her, we would make sure that I got a quick trip to Target. There was no store like it in Canada. Yes, we had Zellers, but it didn’t have the unique products or the “fun” experience that Target provided.

Since then, any trip south of the border, had to include a trip to Target.

Yesterday, I visited the store in North Delta and found it to be bright, clean and quiet! There was hardly anyone there on a Saturday afternoon…hmm…

After shopping around, I think they definitely could use more stock in most of their departments. But that didn’t stop me from getting a few things for me and the kids.

Until my next time and I know there will be one…

Never say never…

I just agreed to go camping.

No, I am not a princess. I am also not a camping neophyte.  I grew up in British Columbia and I grew up camping.  Real camping.  From an early age.  At the lake and in the woods and yes, there were probably bears.

I did a small amount of camping partying in my 20s in Penticton, BC at the lake.  Basically, we slept in a tent, ate in restaurants and hit the clubs.  Does that count ?

In my early 30s, I think I camped twice.  Both times were fun, but it just wasn’t fun enough to keep me interested.

But now, I have kids.  Kids who think it would be fun to sleep in a tent.   And I have agreed to camp at some point this summer. My husband is keen.  So keen in fact, that he just went to the garage to check out our camping box. I am surprised he even remembered we had a camping box as details are just not his thing.

I don’t like bears, so I have agreed to camp where there won’t be any.  I know bears are a part of life here in Southwestern BC.  I also know they don’t really bother people.  We go to Whistler and stay in a hotel every summer and I am always on the look out for bears.  I know they are there.  Watching us from the trees as we cycle the amazing bike paths.

That said, I just don’t want to camp with them right now.  I don’t want to worry about putting the garbage, food scraps, coolers, etc in the car every night.

So for now, I have agreed to camp on the Gulf Islands.  The Gulf Islands are beautiful!  I think it will be fun.  I really do!