It’s a Snow Day!!

I know pretty much everywhere except the wet West Coast, it’s been a brutal winter.  To say that we have had a fair weather winter would be an understatement. That is until 2 days ago.

Over the weekend and all day today, it’s been snowing!  And yes, I’m loving it.  So are the kids.  So is the dog.




It won’t last for long, but I will enjoy it while it does.

Never say never…

I just agreed to go camping.

No, I am not a princess. I am also not a camping neophyte.  I grew up in British Columbia and I grew up camping.  Real camping.  From an early age.  At the lake and in the woods and yes, there were probably bears.

I did a small amount of camping partying in my 20s in Penticton, BC at the lake.  Basically, we slept in a tent, ate in restaurants and hit the clubs.  Does that count ?

In my early 30s, I think I camped twice.  Both times were fun, but it just wasn’t fun enough to keep me interested.

But now, I have kids.  Kids who think it would be fun to sleep in a tent.   And I have agreed to camp at some point this summer. My husband is keen.  So keen in fact, that he just went to the garage to check out our camping box. I am surprised he even remembered we had a camping box as details are just not his thing.

I don’t like bears, so I have agreed to camp where there won’t be any.  I know bears are a part of life here in Southwestern BC.  I also know they don’t really bother people.  We go to Whistler and stay in a hotel every summer and I am always on the look out for bears.  I know they are there.  Watching us from the trees as we cycle the amazing bike paths.

That said, I just don’t want to camp with them right now.  I don’t want to worry about putting the garbage, food scraps, coolers, etc in the car every night.

So for now, I have agreed to camp on the Gulf Islands.  The Gulf Islands are beautiful!  I think it will be fun.  I really do!

Happy Victoria Day!


Happy Victoria Day? What, another stat holiday ? Yes, here in Canada, the last Monday before May 25th is a holiday. It’s the day that we are to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, it’s a day off work and school, and it’s the early lead in to summer vacation!

Which leads me to talk about holidays. In particular, statutory holidays. Here in British Columbia, we have 10 statutory holidays every year. And we take them. But there are a couple extra days as well. In some cases, like Easter Monday, mainly government and small businesses will get the day off. On Boxing Day, only those working in retail stores will be at work. The rest of us are at home enjoying the leftover turkey. Essentially, that gives a lot of Canadians 12 extra days per year.

From what I researched, the United States has approximately 10 public days per year. Close to the same, but when I speak with my sister, it sometimes seems like we have more time off here in Canada. Do we like them more? From her perspective, as a Canadian living in the US, don’t ask her how she feels about working on Boxing Day!

No matter how many days you have, spend them doing what makes you happy!