Roar ?

I snapped this picture of my daughter going to school one day.  Little did she know that animal prints are in.  She just loves Baby Jaguar from Diego and the more of this pattern she can own and wear, the better.  I personally, cannot tell the difference between a jaguar, a cheetah and a leopard.  I suspect the prints that she is wearing are not really Baby Jaguar, but one of his cat cousins.
I too, have added a little baby jaguar animal print to my wardrobe.  I ordered these shoes online from Banana Republic last Spring after finding them and not buying them in Palm Springs last Fall.   I had big time buyer’s regret and vow not to do that again.
I also own this scarf and belt:
I am limiting my animal prints to just these 3 accessories.  At my age (mid-forties), I don’t think I can quite pull off the same look my daughter can.  But I can do this:
And that is just enough baby jaguar for me!