Colossal Fail

In an attempt to give this project a trial run I have been on the floor in my closet pulling options together before I head out to work. I’m laughing as I write this but crying on the inside. I have nothing that qualifies as an outfit that doesn’t have grey as a major component.

When did I get so dreary? Perhaps the better question is when wasn’t I dreary? I remember a photo taken of my sister and I in the ’80s. We are both wearing bright colors. Bright jackets (I believe we called them blazers), bright lipstick (wayyy too bright) and there may have been blue eyeliner involved.

So, I can only conclude that I have been dreary since at least the ’90s. I have a lot of work to do to improve my look and hopefully my mood ūüôā

It’s raining again…..

As I look out my window, it is raining.  Hard.  The Pineapple Express has made its way to Vancouver bringing lots of rain and slightly warmer temperatures Рabout 10 degrees C (which is about 48 F for those South of the border).  Overall, the day is grey.


We will be starting our 50 days of no grey challenge very soon….

In the meantime, we are doing some wardrobe planning and a closet clean up.

Stay Tuned!