French Dressing for Fall


Just last week I stopped into Marshalls and was surprised to find a high end designer promotion in store.  It was called the Red Carpet Event and it was showcasing all the top brands.  Of course, after my summer vacation I’ve still got French style on the brain, so I got a little caught up in finding all the French designers featured.

Here are a few things that I found:

Let’s start off with this Louis Vuitton wallet.  Darling, isn’t it?  It was priced around $199 which I thought was a relatively fair price for this piece. I have seen other designer wallets (Kate Spade and Coach) for similar prices, so this was inline with those brands.

Next up was this Givenchy bag.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Yes, it’s expensive, but I’m guessing it is probably less than if you had purchased it at Nordstrom or Givenchy themselves.  I’m not sure who would pay that much for a bag at Marshalls, but in case you are looking…

I would probably save this colour for Spring, but it is such a beautiful bag I might just carry it all year.

I had heard of Lanvin, but I wasn’t too familiar with the actual brand.  This is one of the first high fashion houses of France and it was founded way back in 1889!  This black quilted bag is such a classic and it’s a piece you could have for years and years.  I can’t remember the price, but I think it was about the same as the Givenchy bag above.

The Saint Laurent items also carried a hefty price tag. Those cute little booties are $700 and the bag was close to $2,000.  Wow.  I’m always surprised when Marshalls has such high priced items, but those for are looking….

A little lower down the price chain and you will find these Aigle boots.  Angle means eagle in French and these little rain booties would be a great addition to your closet for those rainy days.  As you will see they had a floral pattern, a leaf pattern and plain beige all for under $100.

Still in the shoe department I found these:


These animal print slip ons were over $500 and wouldn’t they pair well with your new Givenchy bag 😉

Oh, and if you have a really big budget, you might like these Celine flats in your closet:


A few rows over, but still in the shoe department and I found this pair:


I unfortunately forgot the name (oops), but they were a French brand.  Albeit a lower priced one as these brogues were only $70.  These could be fun with jeans or cigarette pants to dress up an outfit.  The blue colour was so rich and that bit of metal really caught my eye.

French dressing wouldn’t be complete without a hat or pair of sunglasses, so I found these:

The hat and glasses were all under $50 and by French brands.  Great accessories to add some French flavour to any outfit.

Lastly, the scent of a woman (did you ever see that movie?)…Ooh ahh!

Four different fragrances of Chloe all for $50.

With all these lovelies, you too can dress en française for Fall 🍁

C’est bon!

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Pinned & Tried

I have wanted camo pants like forever.  Well, for a few years anyway.  I’ve pinned them, followed bloggers who wear them, and tried on a few pairs, too.  But I wasn’t able to find the right pair.  Until recently.

An unexpected stop in a Gap Factory Outlet and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Two different styles of camo pants!! It didn’t take long to figure out that the skinny boyfriend pair were the pair for me.  The other slimmer pair were a perfect match for my tall slim friend. Lucky us!

I had pinned this image just before I found my pants: f8705a77858fc3899d59835ebb37450d

It was Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy and I thought to myself, “Hey, this is one look you can totally do.” So, I did.

camo skinny boyfriend

I’m wearing a top from TNA, Stella & Dot necklace and Converse.  My Converse definitely need a wash, or maybe I need a new pair?  Hmm…

Either way, this was one easy and successful Pinned & Tried.

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Can’t Get Enough

This sounds like a very indulgent post, but the Monday Listicles is asking us what are the 10 things you can’t get enough of.

In no particular order, here’s my list….

  1. Dark chocolate with sea salt
  2. Wine – lately it’s been Sauvignon Blanc
  3. Listening to my kids laugh
  4. New clothes – super indulgent, but it’s definitely mood boosting
  5. The Good Wife – I wish there was a new episode every week
  6. Pasta – I could eat almost any kind every day
  7. Sunshine – We don’t get nearly enough here in Southwestern BC
  8. Jewellery – I buy a lot, but often forget to wear it
  9. Puppies – Who doesn’t love a puppy?!
  10. Vacations – preferably with a beach



Time Flies…

A few weeks ago, WordPress sent us a notice to let us know that it was one year ago when we started blogging.  Time flies.

This blog came about from a little idea.  It was February and I (being the Canadian sister) was tired of wearing grey and was feeling bored with my wardrobe.  My sister, who was a single mom, working full time and living in Seattle agreed with everything I said about our grey wardrobes.  The book, 50 Shades of Grey, and its trilogy was popular, thus our name was born.  50 Days of No Grey.  It was a simple concept.  Wear no (or little) grey for 50 days and add some colour to our wardrobe to mix things up a little.

This little blog was just meant for us and for anyone who wanted to read about our little project.  And, it is still is that, except we also write about life, clothes, shopping, home, kids, etc.  Our first post was this.  Short and sweet.  A couple other posts followed and then we posted The Rules.  This is the post that pretty much set the stage for our challenge.  From then on, it was fun trying to reduce the grey and mix up our wardrobes.

Our project started on March 29th, 2013 and ended on May 17th, 2013.   The 50 days went by very quickly (or so I thought).   For almost the past two weeks, it has been very Spring-like here in Vancouver. We are lucky – I know!  I feel like know that I have been wearing a lot of grey since October.  I pretty much embraced it at first, but now?  Oh, I am done.  Slightly bored with grey.  Maybe its the sunshine or maybe I am just feeling blah.

Below are pictures of the shelves in my closet where I pull most of my tops from:

IMG_5361 IMG_5354

Notice anything?

What have I been wearing lately?

Grey. 50 shades of grey.  Yes, there is a little blue and purple, but they are striped with grey.  That pink jacket you see?  It’s for workouts.

But based on the way I have been feeling lately, I think it is time for the 2nd Annual 50 Days of No Grey Challenge.  I’m going on holidays this week, but I think April 1st (no joke) would be a great day to start.  I’m up for it.  Are you??

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Today’s the day

Today I’m wearing grey capris, a white shirt with grey stripes and pink and grey Nikes. What a coincidence, or is it, that today is day 50 of our 50 Days of No Grey Challenge!

I have to admit that when we started this project back in March, I thought 50 days was a long time. It really wasn’t. Between kids, family, friends, sports, and day to day life, the time just flew by!

I have actually enjoyed the challenge and I think I have made an effort to change how I was dressing, and ultimately how I was feeling. I weeded out my closet, I shopped with a purpose and tried to put outfits together instead of just throwing something on.

The beginning was easy. I was feeling quite confident those first few weeks. But as time went on and the weather improved, I have to admit, it was challenging. I am not a super creative person, so I need time and effort to put it together; whether that be decorating my home, or organizing my clothes.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my results. But I think our project wasn’t just about clothes, it was about changing our attitudes. It was to look at things differently, more creatively and to be a little bit more fun and colourful.

So, going forward, we want to continue our blog. We want to write about experiences, life, family, friends, funny things and hot topics. We want to look at them creatively and with a sense of humour.

I can’t promise that we won’t wear grey, but we will try.

Do you pin?

Pinned and tried.

To pin or not to pin.

Been there, pinned that.

What am I referring to? Well, it’s Pinterest of course!

I joined Pinterest over 20 months ago.  Or so I think I did.  I can’t quite remember.  I do remember not using it much in the beginning, but since then…I’ve had the pleasure of pinning thousands of ideas, styles, recipes, jokes, etc.

My fashion style board is full of simple yet fun clothes and outfits that totally suit my lifestyle. So, then why every time I get ready for an evening out, do I stress? Why do I have so much trouble picking out something to wear?


I thought Pinterest would make it easy for me and reduce my wardrobe stress. All those pins from Polyvore with the clothes and accessories were supposed to show us how to put outfits together.

It’s like owning a lot of great cookbooks, they are nice to look at, but do we really use them? Or do they just look good on our shelf, or pin board?

I’m not sure, but let me go check.  I’m sure there’s a pin board for that.


180 degree turn

It was just a week ago that I was complaining about the weather. It was sunny but cold. I should have known better. The weather here changes almost as often as you change clothes. Wait a minute, did I just say that? I don’t change that often, but I think my sister does!

Anyway, I digress. For the past few days, the weather in Vancouver and Seattle has been amazing! For our part of the world that means unusually warm for early May.

I’m not complaining, but I have nothing to wear!

This morning, in a mad dash, I dumped the summer clothes out of their bin onto my closet floor.

I was looking for….? I don’t know what, but I ended up with wrinkled grey capris and a cute but tired purple shirt.

It’s 8 hours later and I’m still wrinkled, there is no humidity here. My closet is still a mess, but the forecast is all good.😎


Weekend round up

Since this project is mainly about clothes, I thought I should post some pictures from my weekend. Yes, you will see a bit of grey, but otherwise there is some colour!


This weekend, I wore my new fav Hudson jeans most of the time and switched up the tops and scarfs.

The first photo shows a blue and white striped cardigan that I found at J Crew outlet. In the second photo, I have on my fav Lululemon sweat pants and yes, they are grey and oh so comfortable! The third photo is with my Pantone inspired boyfriend shirt and Toms. Lastly, I re-worked the first outfit by changing the to a jacket but keeping the scarf which has several great shades of blue.

I even had 2 compliments on the colours I was wearing and this never happened while I wore grey. Hmmmm. Things that make you say hmmmm…..







One thing leads to another…

Today is day 22 of our challenge. Where did the past 3 weeks go?!

As of now, I am meeting my goal of not wearing grey. I think my main success comes from moving the grey shirts (I don’t have grey pants/jeans) out of my line of view and ignoring my grey cardigans (although, I think they might be lonely). Oh, and a few new purchases have also helped.

It is grey and drizzly today, but I don’t care! I’m wearing a beautiful blue sweater from Banana Republic and new Lucky jeans. And a scarf (my sister’s fav accessory). All purchased during my shopping trip last month. But I think it’s my socks that I like the best. And yes, they are grey.


Over the past few days, I have been thinking about our challenge and realizing that it’s not just about not wearing grey for 50 days. Maybe it’s more about changing habits and feeling happier and clothes just happen to be the conduit. More on these thoughts to come….