Colour Me Happy ?

We have all heard how colour (or color for our American readers) can influence your life.  There are books, articles and many theories about the psychology of colour.  Red in the dining room, lavender or pale colours in a bedroom and yellow for energy are all supposed to help us eat, sleep and live better lives.

I found this graphic on Pinterest and unfortunately, I cannot find the original source.  If you know it, please pass it along to me.

Immediately, I looked at the meaning of the colour grey (or gray) and I wasn’t surprised by what I saw.



The positives of grey are reliable, solid and intelligent.  The cons were gloomy, sad and conservative.  All true, dontcha think?  When we first started this blog it was because we were feeling sad and gloomy from wearing grey or gray all Fall and Winter.  Another one of my fav colours is turquoise, but I was surprised when it showed one of the negatives of the colour as envy.  Too close to green, I guess.  Tan/Beige have similar characteristics to grey, so I’ll try and stay away from those shades.   The colours of silver, gold and white only show positives, so maybe I should wear more of those?

After searching around, I saw this info graphic about the colour of your door.



My door is black and I have a couple, but not all of the strengths of a black door owner.  Those of you with grey doors are solid, calm, cool and collected.

Sounds like it is better to have a grey door than a grey wardrobe.  At least I’m doing something right.  😉

Have fun checking your colours!

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Today’s the day

Today I’m wearing grey capris, a white shirt with grey stripes and pink and grey Nikes. What a coincidence, or is it, that today is day 50 of our 50 Days of No Grey Challenge!

I have to admit that when we started this project back in March, I thought 50 days was a long time. It really wasn’t. Between kids, family, friends, sports, and day to day life, the time just flew by!

I have actually enjoyed the challenge and I think I have made an effort to change how I was dressing, and ultimately how I was feeling. I weeded out my closet, I shopped with a purpose and tried to put outfits together instead of just throwing something on.

The beginning was easy. I was feeling quite confident those first few weeks. But as time went on and the weather improved, I have to admit, it was challenging. I am not a super creative person, so I need time and effort to put it together; whether that be decorating my home, or organizing my clothes.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my results. But I think our project wasn’t just about clothes, it was about changing our attitudes. It was to look at things differently, more creatively and to be a little bit more fun and colourful.

So, going forward, we want to continue our blog. We want to write about experiences, life, family, friends, funny things and hot topics. We want to look at them creatively and with a sense of humour.

I can’t promise that we won’t wear grey, but we will try.

So, they say….

If you google something like, “does colour change your mood”, you will find hundreds of articles and links proving this to be true. There are colours to improve our moods, colours to relax by, colours to get us excited, etc, etc.  But do we really need a study to show this ?

If you read my American sister’s earlier post, you will see that by wearing a bright top and scarf, she felt more happy and confident. I think it is a no brainer. We feel happier when the sun shines, so why wouldn’t we feel lighter when we wear a great colour?

On my recent shopping trip to Seattle, I found this scarf and top at Nordstrom.


I had found the scarf first and then the shirt, so when I realized how well they went together, I just had to get them both!   I have to admit, it was the colour of the scarf that first got my attention.  Then, the blue and grey stripes on the shirt, not the grey stripes that made me like the shirt.  Put them on with jeans and I have a combo that I like to wear!

Recently, a friend (who doesn’t know about our no grey challenge) commented that I seemed lighter and happier.  I am not sure if it is the recent sunny weather, or my new clothes, but like my sister said, “colour me happy!”

Colour Colour Everywhere

While my son was attending a birthday party in the mall, I spent my time wandering through Daiso, the Japanese $2 store.  It is overwhelming!  There were 2 full floors of everything you could imagine and in every colour possible.

I have to admit, the coloured baskets, slippers, dishes, stationary, and various knick-knacks all caught my attention.  Maybe it’s because it is Spring, or maybe they just stock brightly coloured items all year. Either way, my eyes couldn’t focus on just one thing.  With all the great items in the store, my basket could have been a lot fuller than it already was.

Here are a couple things that caught my eye:



I was almost late to pick up my son.  Almost.


Last week, my sister issued us a joint challenge.  By the end of the weekend, we were to  buy something new to wear in the colour green, Pantone’s colour of the year.

Well, I have to say that I passed the challenge.  This green and white plaid boyfriend shirt from Nordstrom was my choice and I am really happy with it.

I wonder if my sister was as successful.   More on my weekend shopping trip in a later post 🙂


And we’re off….!

No, no, the challenge hasn’t started yet!  But I am off with 2 good friends for our semi-annual trip South of the Border.  We will hit the Premium Outlet Mall on our way down and then end up at Bellevue Mall for the remainder of the weekend.  I will also squeeze in a birthday dinner with my little sister!

The sun is shining today and in preparation for our trip, I decided to do a little research ahead of time to see what is new for Spring in the stores.  I checked a few websites and found bright colours for tops and bottoms.  Accessories are also key and I love the turquoise jewellery I am seeing everywhere.

I also found this blog, No Guru, which is sponsored by a local clothing store. I thought there were some good tips in her posts and I might try and use some suggestions.   I like the idea of a boyfriend style blazer and since I don’t have one, it is probably a piece I could use in my wardrobe.

I was excited yesterday by the arrival of these shoes:Image

I have been coveting them since last November, so when I saw they were on sale, I ordered them.  They are fun and my wardrobe definitely needs some fun!

So, wish me luck.  As I read K’s post about my niece’s morning meltdown, I was transported back in time.  I am hoping to have a successful shopping weekend to avoid any future meltdowns of my own.

Spring Break – break with old habits ?

It is Spring Break in Vancouver this week, so I took the kids to the Vancouver Aquarium.   The kids love coming here and are never bored with sea creatures.  As we moved from exhibit to exhibit, we saw sea turtles, sharks, garden eels, otters, belugas, you get my drift.

My favourites ?  The brightly coloured tropical fish, sea stars and sea anemones.  They have always been my favourites.   How could you not love them?  They are fascinating to watch as they navigate their underwater world.


As I looked at the other visitors, most of them were dressed like me.  Jeans, black boots, dark coats.  My daughter was wearing a bright pink shirt and jacket.  Hours earlier, when she was getting dressed, I asked if she wanted to wear black like mommy.  Do you know what she said?  “No, it’s not pretty.”  Well, she nailed that didn’t she ?

During our recent trip to Maui, I barely wore grey and when I did it was shorts or capri pants.  My tank tops were bright and lively and my white shirts looked crisp and cool. Maybe it was the heat or the sunshine or both, but I wouldn’t think of putting on a drab grey shirt.  And neither did most of the other tourists I saw.

When did we (the royal we) lose our desire to wear colour?  Have you seen a playground or elementary schoolyard recently?  The girls are in various shades of colour (not always a good look, but you get my point).  Most boys are dressed in standard blue, grey, red with the odd spot of orange thrown in by an colour confident mom.  I think in high school, it starts to change.  The colours become more muted as teenagers try and fit in and not stand out.

But as adults, we are more confident in our choices, so why do some of us seem so drab ?   Is it just the area where we live ?  Is it the seasons?  Last Fall, when burgundy seemed to be the in colour, I bought a couple shirts and vowed to wear them regularly.  Did I ?  Not really, just every few weeks.  Why?  Because grey filled my shelves and it was easier to grab.

As I start to prepare for our challenge, I am going to be more open to colour.  I can’t say I will be the brightest on the block, but I am going to try to change.  I am going to look for inspiration and try to break my grey habit.  Wish me luck.

Colossal Fail

In an attempt to give this project a trial run I have been on the floor in my closet pulling options together before I head out to work. I’m laughing as I write this but crying on the inside. I have nothing that qualifies as an outfit that doesn’t have grey as a major component.

When did I get so dreary? Perhaps the better question is when wasn’t I dreary? I remember a photo taken of my sister and I in the ’80s. We are both wearing bright colors. Bright jackets (I believe we called them blazers), bright lipstick (wayyy too bright) and there may have been blue eyeliner involved.

So, I can only conclude that I have been dreary since at least the ’90s. I have a lot of work to do to improve my look and hopefully my mood 🙂