5 Better for Me & You Body Products 

Over the past few years, I’ve being trying to be more conscious about the products I bring in to my home and onto my body.   The fewer chemicals and bad things we inhale, digest and absorb, the better.  Right?

Today I thought I would show you 5 of my favourite eco-friendly body products.

Let’s start with soap.  Everytime you bath, shower or wash your hands, you are putting something on your skin.  So why not use a product that has none of the bad stuff?   Kiss My Face is one of those companies.  It has been around for over 30 years and has a complete range of products for everyone in your family.  I like this soap because it has only 3 ingredients and I can pronounce all of them!


I first heard of Rocky Mountain Soap Company in 2006 when I was visiting Banff, Alberta.  The hotel used this company as their supplier of the bathroom products.  After one use, I was hooked!  I get really dry feet and hands during the winter months and this product is the bomb  balm (get it??).  This Canadian company started in a small town in Alberta because they wanted better products for people and the earth.  Again, they use few ingredients and I can read and pronounce all of them!  This product rolls on, smells great and is not greasy.  It just seems to absorb into the skin.  Read more about them here.


I had purchased the shampoo and body wash from The Honest Company and while I liked all the good things about the what the wash didn’t have, I was underwhelmed with the lack of bubbles and lather.  When I saw this deodorant at Marshall’s, I was excited to try it.  Deodorant and anti-perspirents carry a lot of controversy due to aluminum and other chemical ingredients.  This product has no aluminum and uses essential oils to help neutralize odors.   I was pretty keen to see if this product would keep me fresh and not sticky and sweaty.   I’m pleased to announce that yes so far this product is working for me!  No one around me has complained yet, so I guess that’s a good sign 😉   Check out the full line of products here.



As I mentioned above, I get really  extremely dry hands and feet during winter.  I happened across this cream at Costco one day. It was in a two pack for about $23 if I remember correctly.  It is a little hard to squeeze out of the tube (workout anyone?), but once you get it out, you will love it!   There is a lovely vanilla scent and a thick feel to the cream, but it isn’t overpowering and it absorbs so well into my skin.   Cake was founded in 2003 right here in Canada.  See the packaging?  They list the have’s and have not’s right on the front.  Love that!   They have a nice little line up of products and you can find out more at this link.



Lastly, I colour my hair (gasp). While I realize the bleach and other chemicals they use for my colour are not good for me, I’m trying to offset that by using better hair care products.  I came across this brand at the drugstore years ago and thought I would give them a try. I am still using Live Clean to this day.  Another Canadian company that put their products on the shelves back in 2007, they now have a line up that includes hair, face, body, kids and even dogs!


These are just a few of the products I that I feel are better for me.  Why do I like them?   Although each company is different, a few of the reasons are:

  • phthalate free
  • paraben free
  • plant sourced
  • cruelty free
  • eco conscious
  • natural ingredients
  • renewable ingredients
  • toxin free

Please tell me if you are also using some better for you products.  I’d love to hear about them!

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Fun finds

Here are a few fun things that caught my eye while I was out and about this week.

New snack food at my local Costco:


Great storage basket at Winners:


Fun sandals by Boc at Marshall’s:


The colours of all these items caught my eye. I am proud to say that I didn’t buy any of them, but I am a little tempted to try that popcorn snack, and maybe those shoes…