Fun finds

Tis the season be browsing the stores and shopping.

Warning:  this post is mostly pictures of fun things to buy:

These chevron pillows would be cute for decorating during the holidays.  Would also make a sweet hostess gift tied up in a bow.

A puzzle book for the kids and it’s all about the holidays.  
These washers and dryers look deceiving.  They are tin storage containers to use in the laundry room.  Aren’t they cool?

For less than $1.50, you can own these great tote bags brightly displaying kiwi, lemons and blueberries.
3 for $5 – that was the cost of the these cute little ornaments. Great for the tree or just adding to your presents.

This cardboard box would be perfect for a hostess gift filled with cookies or other yummy treats.
Going to Paris?  Or maybe you know someone who is. This little carry bag was only $5 and imagine all the things you could stuff inside it!

Same goes for this bag.  If London is your kind of place, this $5 bag should be yours!
A holiday rug would be great at your home or maybe as a hostess gift. It was less than $15 at my local upscale dollar store.

How cute is this little speaker?  All decked out in the local hockey team colours.  It’s the perfect gift for a fan and only $10.
Yes, I know it’s toothpaste, but the packing caught my eye and who wouldn’t want a new toothbrush for the holidays?

Chapstick has come out with these travel inspired tins filled with 3 different flavours of lip balm.  They were only $4.99 and would make a great stocking stuffer or teacher gift.

Just a few fun finds this week as we continue to shop for Christmas.  Hope you find what you are looking for!


Where ya’ been?

Look what I found on my doorstep yesterday!


I had almost forgotten all about the Ikea catalogue. Shouldn’t it have arrived in August?

Years ago, the cataloge was a highly coveted item in my neighborhood.   It was only delivered to certain addresses or streets in our ‘hood. It was a bit of a lottery to see if you would get one or not. Some years, we didn’t win and ended up getting our catalogue at the store.

Although, our needs and style have changed over the years, I am still an Ikea fan. I see Ikea items featured regularly in the home decorating magazines and many blogs. We recently transformed an Ikea bench. You can read it here.

As for my trips to Ikea, I can’t seem to walk out of the store with a least few purchases.

My regular go to items?

  • Roll of drawing paper
  • Kitchen scrub brushes
  • Wooden hangars
  • Napkins
  • Orchids

After perusing this year’s catalogue, I’m sure I’ll get some ideas and find some things I need. Good thing, because I’m due for a trip to ikea.

Not that I really need an excuse… 🙂

ps – Ikea didn’t pay me or offer any promotional incentive for this post. But I probably wouldn’t say no, if they wanted to.😊